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DMT Experience 10-25-09

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I'm not sure where to begin but we took three trips this evening about an hour apart. The first time wasn't that deep. The second time I saw aliens and my twin flame saw demons. They weren't scary at all, but it was really strange. For me, it was a gray alien sitting cross legged in front of me. He was looking at me as if thinking "what are you doing in my realm" and I was looking back at him.

My twin flame experienced what I experienced on my third trip but she couldn't explain exactly what it was.

The third trip I saw the typical swirling geometric patterns and was pulled deeper and deeper. No entities or aliens in this plane of hyperspace. Then it was like being rushed into a foundry of energy.. completely white energy and I realized it was her spirit. There was nothing but pure love. No matter, no worry, no three dimension, no body.. nothing. It was pure love, our spirits intertwined with each other in pure bliss. It was a glimpse of heaven. I was holding her physical body closer and and closer to me but it wasn't her body, it was her spirit melting with mine as I just pulled her closer and closer.

She was crying after the second trip but she couldn't describe what she saw. I had tears coming to my eyes after the third trip because I saw what she had seen. As I returned I felt this sense of disappointment as I returned to this three dimensional reality realizing I had given up that heaven in order to return to this life one more time for some purpose the universe has in store for both of us.

Twin flame's response:
During the second trip, I saw a plant, with a soothing female voice telepathically speaking to me. It said, "It's all going to be ok, there is a very special purpose for you both." I then started to feel like I was returning, and I asked it, or maybe I just thought it, I don't know, but I said "What purpose?" And it spoke again, telepathically or whatever..."You('ll) have all the answers you seek" (I couldn't tell if it was future or present tense, because I was quickly returning back to reality. :)

With love, from both of us :)
Let me say, that this is simply amazin. I can only guess what it means to you and your relationship. It's like you've met with each others soul and the infinite love of the other dimension was the witness.
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