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DMT Foaming

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Being & Becoming
A few days ago I've done a Cyb ATB with 50g of MHRB.

When I finished the freeze precipitation there were crystals on an oil layer like in the first photo (sorry for the low resolution), but then I messed around a bit and I probably transferred the crystals out while still wet and ended up with just goo. Goo is not as satisfying as crystals, but well, still good.

I then transferred it into a little 10ml beaker, covered it with cellophane and let it aside.
After a while it started to produce some weird foam, with some kinda of bubbles, never seen in any picture on the web, and now it looks like in the second photo (and seem to be still).
I suppose there was still some naphtha in the goo and, being spice hygroscopic and being my zone pretty humid, this bubbles are produce by naphtha escaping and morphing so the alkaloid paste.
Should I be right?

The other possibility with concerns me is that it reacted bad with some residue of other stuff which stayed in my glassware in the past. Obviously when I used my equipment I had washed and clean it as much as I could, and it looked perfectly clean, and I honestly doubt that any kind of invisible residue has been the cause of this. But who knows...

Other stuff which touched my glassware: nitric acid, sulphuric acid, oxalic acid, ammonium picrate.

What's your opinion? Does it look fine for human consumption?

Damn, in my last experiments I've always encountered some kind of misadventure :roll:


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