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DMT for depression

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Master of plants said:
DMT seems to be the best natural antidepresant.

I would agree. SWIM has found that even tiny amounts when insufflated provide a sustained mood lift. Mind you, fresh air and exercise are unbeatable in my experience.
As DMT acts on serotonin receptors, I wonder if it has something to do with enhancing the function of serotonin systems in the brain. The physical high can be amazing sometimes. I almost feel guilty about tricking my brain into releasing all its pleasure-chemicals at once, instead of allowing it to hoard them like normal (waiting for a genetic trigger which arrives too infrequently).

My lifestyle is perhaps out of sync with my genetic programming, and the neurotransmitters responsible for the feeling of well-being are perhaps not being released at adequate levels. As downwardsfromzero stated, the brain expects fresh air, exercise, quality food and socializing. Inadequate levels of these things can lead to chemical imbalances and negative feelings, which are the brain's way of conveying its dissatisfaction.

This may be an overly technical way of thinking about mood and well-being, but it suggests that some simple lifestyle changes can go a long way towards relieving many forms of depression.
The last thing I want to do when I´ve got an depression is to move on fresh air and get socialize. That´s absurd. :)
Master of plants said:
The last thing I want to do when I´ve got an depression is to move on fresh air and get socialize. That´s absurd. :)

Well the cure isn't what you want, it's what you need.

For me the best cure for depression was to quit smoking cigarettes, drink coffee and just start to eat healthier. A healthy lifestyle is always the best cure.
I'd just like to throw my two pence In here...

SWIM has been voyaging with the spice, and is quite depressed. He has repeatedly asked to be shown why it is so, what he can do to really change, etc. Never anything really. Some fantastic experiences, yes, but that is all. Only experiences.

so, I am not sure that DMT is a cure for depression. Yes SWIM feels good while he's smoking it, but it doesn't last. and quite often he's also pretty anxious and nervous about taking it. which doesn't help.

But then again, Paul McKenna's book arrived today "change your life in seven days." I was especially surprised to find that it has somekind of subliminal/hipnosis CD in the back. i've not even tried it yet, but from my own personal experience, that stuff really works.

Its just a shame none of its come my way before now.

They say ask and you shall receive: well Im asking you all now: Please somone help get me out of this *rut*.
p.s ...SWIM's Ayahuasca has been brewed. going to have to go through dieta again because the ex girlfriend lazy-slobbed allover me and made me eat chinese, pork, drink booze, and swim MDMA, etc.
What you mean is DMT hasn't worked for YOU. It has and does help some other people.
There is no miracle drug for depression. When I say DMT 'cured' SWIM's depression, I make it clear that it was only part of the cure. It was the shock that propelled him from a rut... so that he could put into practice the other good advice he had been given. It wiped his slate clean for him. It also gave spirituality to his life, which is something else he felt lacking in. But he only smokes it every week or so, he's cautious of its potential to imbalance him if he smoked it too regularly.
SWIM was already eating healthily and exercising, but he wasn't happy. He was drinking himself into ill health, forcing himself to be the 'life and soul of the party' in social siuations with an alcohol crutch, and he wasn't getting enough fresh air and being open enough to new people. Even the elves themselves told him to get out more and open up to people- that told him something, whether he believed they were real or not!!
Did you buy that book I recommended you? Do it man! It only costs a few dollars off Amazon. The guy isn't some quack, he's the guy who founded cognitive behavioural psychology, the only strand of psychology that has got good results in this area. Trials were done and the book was found to be as or more effective than taking both antidepressants and receiving therapy combined. SWIM swears by that book. 'Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy' by David D. Burns. Read it, and live healthily, and hopefully things will improve for you.

But please please please, I strongly advise that SWIY gives up MDMA. It is not something that meloncholic types can handle, believe me. SWIM remembers the 'suicidal tuesdays' and a shiver runs down his spine. Don't mess up your seratonin wotsits, those with a meloncholic side need them much more than others.

You are the only one who can get yourself out of this rut. The ability is within YOU, nowhere else. No amount of hearing good advice from various sources will help if you don't absorb it and make a conscious decision to allow it to change your attitude. Accept your lot in life (because I know you have some status anxiety from previous conversations) and realise that you are a worthwhile human being, and that you are actually even lucky compared to other people in this world, other animals on the wheel of life, and cherish the good, simple things in your life... a glass of water, the breeze, the sound of leaves in the park... happiness is a relative thing, we are programmed only to feel it when we feel like we've achieved some sort of one-upmanship, but it is possible to reprogram yourself in a healthier way than the baseline program written by society and raw genetic instinct.

If all that doesn't work, then it might be time to consider a psychologist. One familiar with CBT and a range of other techniques, not a straight Freudian/Jungian etc who I consider quacks having read the pseudoscience they believe in. Not saying that stuff wouldn't work for some but I suspect when it does it's akin to faith healing. Also a psychologist told SWIM that hypnosis was purely placebo, I'm sorry to say, so don't be disappointed if your hypnosis CD doesn't work. But don't let that stop you listening to it, it could well be a good motivational tool to listen to what they have to say. That same psychologist never recommended he smoke DMT, after all ;) Whatever works for you is good.

I hope it works out for you man, and I'm sure it will. It took SWIM a LONG time but he's out of it now. It requires work to stay happy and healthy, these things don't fall in our laps. You can do it :)
SWIM takes 10mg lexapro every day and has done so for about 5 years now....every time he tries to come off he gets his nuts crunched. blame it on his mom for the passing on of this chemical defect, blame it on the current state of the world and humanity's seeming lack of genuine altruism, blame it on whatever.....the fact is that SWIM has simply accepted that every morning he will be taking a tiny white kookoo pill for the long haul....

that being said, it has in no way had a stunting, muting, or otherwise negative impact on SWIM's ability to break through. actually, for those who have read my trip reports- he breaks through with about as much difficulty as a sledge-hammer breaking through a styrofoam cup! his depression still exists in the here and now....but to be honest....seems to be easing up a bit. his journeys (he has about 4-5 a week) are all remembered....a true gift from what i glean from others saying they can't remember much....and with each subsequent sojourn, he finds himself more at peace with stillness and "not having to BE anything".

it is SWIM's STRONG opinion that his brain is healing. that new neural pathways are being forged and his brain is actually becoming more advanced....i am convinced whole-heartedly that DMT is a righteous medicine. SWIM has even had benevolent beings perform "light-surgery" on him to heal his lungs when he expressed concern to them that he was smoking too much spice and worried for them! i would not be surprised if they decided to work on his noodle one day....SWIM is actually looking forward to it!

love and gratitude!
ohayoco said:
What you mean is DMT hasn't worked for YOU.
Thats right.

ohayoco said:
Did you buy that book I recommended you? Do it man! It only costs a few dollars off Amazon.
I have now! and fuck, it was rediculously cheap. They had no new copies, only used ones. which was odd.. makes me feel guilty for the fuel used just to bring something worth 75p from america to here :s I tried to find copies in the UK but .. none. :S
Im currently reading paul mckenna's book "change your life in seven days". Some of it is like yahda yahda, heard it before... but then there are a few little gems dotted around that really, REALLY strike a chord. im only on page 21 atm though so, I'll remain skeptical about whether or not its worth anything.

ohayoco said:
But please please please, I strongly advise that SWIY gives up MDMA. It is not something that meloncholic types can handle, believe me.
I wouldn't have considered myself a meloncholic type tbh, Im extroverted, easygoing outgoing type of person. But not of late.. Still, I will consider giving it up permamently. My ex g/f is a total fiend for it.

ohayoco said:
Accept your lot in life (because I know you have some status anxiety from previous conversations) and realise that you are a worthwhile human being, and that you are actually even lucky compared to other people in this world
That is what tomorrow's ceremony is about. Hopefully, I will be able to accept my lot in life. even though it has been extremely difficult.

Thanks for beleiving in me man, Im gonna do it. Im going to change my life!
My friend was in depression since a while, more than one year maybe but he did'nt "knew" it althought he felt somehow bad. After harsh life events, it became harder and harder. He reached a state where anxiety was always there, slept very few, eat very few. There was no other choice: he HAD to see a psy AND to take a SNRI.
Good advices or smart books are of no help when you fall behind a given line. People here often makes the confusion between 'depression' and 'beeing depressed'. That's very different beast. Depression is a black hole. Hints like "do some sports, eat healthy think positive..." are the basis but far to be enough.
And DMT did not help except for the few minutes tripping, it was even worse on the next day, my friend feeling even more tired.
DMT act on 5-htp receptors and ones may think it is a anti-depressant because you read somewhere that anti-depressant act on serotonine receptors. Also you feel good and euphoric while it is active.
But there may be a price for that. Maybe that hyper-activation of 5htp costs some brain fuel. DMT is a firework, right, but a firework consume a lot of energy.

I would not blame the DMT for my friend's depression, but I'm sure it did not help.
SNRI REALLY helped (after 2 weeks of nightmare) hopefully it does not prevent breakthrough as my friends still enjoy a puff of spice (but less often).
Good to hear it Shoe!
Garulfo- I should probs stop posting here a while to let others speak. But I want to say I can completely understand how DMT could be unhelpful for some people- different people need different things. I do not believe DMT to be a chemical fix, more of a nudge that may help some. If only someone would do some proper research into it... but then they couldn't package, patent and market DMT, so it'll never happen.
And I think that if a person is suicidal, they should probably consult a doctor and do the whole psychologist and antidepressant thing... but only because I'm not an expert so I wouldn't want to advise someone wrongly in ignorance.
SWIM wasn't actually considering suicide seriously, but he was having fantasies of suicide every now and then in his despair. He was surprised to see the scientific questionnaire thingy (can't remember its name) at the beginning of the yellow book label him as 'severely depressed', but I guess he was... fantasising about slitting your wrists and fading into oblivion is not healthy.
It is interesting to see a significant amount of people on here have experience with depression, from the sounds of it pre-introduction to aya/DMT... I wonder if it is statistically normal amount (a large proportion of people do face such challenges in life after all, seemingly more so in modern society than in the past and certainly the few elderly people I know think us lot have it bad). I suspect that people who seek out aya and DMT are generally looking for something that they feel is missing in their life.
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