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DMT Fumarate molecular weight

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Hi, I just looked at the wiki, found it states the DMT Fumarate has molecular weight at 492.608 (DMT + fumaric acid + DMT).
However I found DMT Fumarate's molecular formula is C16H20N2O4 which has molecular weight at 304.346 g/mol.

Can anyone explain what makes the difference and what does it mean by (DMT + fumaric acid + DMT)? Thanks.
Sorry for the double post but I just did the math and yes you are only calculating for one molecule of DMT.
2(C12H16N2)+(C4H4O4) = 28 carbons, 36 hydrogens, 4 nitrogen's and 4 oxygen's.

(28 )(12.0107) + (36)(1.00794) + (4)(14.00674) + (4)(15.9994) = 492.61 grams per mol.
Hope this helps
that's right, pubchem doesn't take into account that the salt is diprotic, it just adds the masses of the two compounds.

Acids like fumaric, or sulfuric, are diprotic, meaning they have two acidic sites that can donate 2 protons, so when salted correctly, each molecule of fumarate (COO-) will be associated with two molecules of DMT (NH3+) So when calculating the mass, you calculate for that mole ratio. 2mol DMT to 1mol fumarate.

It's possible to form the monoprotonated salts, these are usually fixed with the prefix bi- like bisulfate, or bicarbonate, so with fumaric, bifumarate. But since these salts are acidic, they usually do not store well, are hydroscopic, do not form crystals easily, and can degrade. This is also part of why its important to add FASA/FASI dropwise with lots of stirring, rather than dumping it in all at once.
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