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DMT in Front of a Mirror

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You know how mirrors are the trippiest things ever whilst tripping, especially on LSD?

Well, I decided to do face myself, in a chair, in the mirror, eyes wide open, smoking D.

Looking into the mirror, I truly saw myself as a mortal, not a theoretical mortal, but having a body that is truly finite and will die one day for sure, not theoretically. I saw through my body and into my skeleton, and there was a vibrating, radiating, yellow aura, and a blob of a soul attached to my skeletal core. I was in a flury of radiating colors swirling and emanating from me.

I was afraid that my soul was going to really leave my body this time, it was both scary and illuminating.

I did not resist, but just let the Majesty show me.

It lasted a long time, about 10 minutes, and for a moment or 2 I thought that I would never return, that "I had done it this time". I was on the literal edge of death. What didn't help is that my heart had a pain in it, probably from stress, but it did not help my holding on to not dying. Anyone else have heart pains or fast beating occasionally whilst on God particles?

Anyway, it has been a while since I last ventured and it was a stark reminder that I am not just my meat body, that I will go into beautiful light when I die, and not we are immortals after the meat body is through with us.

IDK, try it out!, look yourself in the mirror and resists not closing your eyes, the dose was about 20-30 mgs, so I could tell that my eyes were open.
I see different personalities of myself when I look in to the mirror while on dmt. It feels like observing yourself from third persons perception. It's pretty fun, entertaining and very interesting activity.

dose was about 20-30 mgs
Thats a huge gap btw, lol. 10mg is no joke.
I would never do that. It is unnecessary.

Mirrors are this too sharp and defined reflections of ourselves. One can only see in them, but he cannot touch them or move them.

But in water One can bath. One can hear. The water is the flow and it shows him a reflection of himself. He sees that every movement he makes changes the flow and that reflection of himself. If he want to see himself with precision he has to learn how to stand still, straight, and to know the flow. Know the flow for now One will know the moment.

The spïce is as the water ...

Still, your realization is beautiful. What is beautiful is always necessary.
The one time I stood and looked at myself in the mirror after smoalking it was bizarrely fascinating. I looked like an extremely stylized version of myself made up of tiny undulating triangles/pyramids. I got a distinct "Illuminati" vibe from it. I was struck by how different it is from the "Morphing Silly Putty" effect of my face in a mirror while on LSD.
I've also looked in the mirror shortly after doing DMT, and I saw myself as a funky, evolved monkey trying to get high. It wasn't exactly pleasant, but it is useful to think of humans as such to more easily break down what it is to be human.

The stark reminder of mortality from looking at your physical body in the mirror while your mind is in another dimension is also informative and motivating, I believe.
I've seen myself in the mirror a couple of times, when tripping. I saw myself dead once, but on another occasion, i saw a 'potential me'. It was a brief glimpse of the kind of person i could maybe become one day. It lasted for just a few seconds, and then it sort of evaporated.
The first time I looked into the mirror on DMT, what I saw was an alien version of myself. I mean, it was me, and it wasn't scary at all. However the facial structure had changed. There was an elliptical shape that encircled my right eye. Open on one end, and a perfect circle on the other end. This shape was a clear characteristic of this version of myself. I'm convinced it was either a race I once was, or will be. But it was ridiculously real. And of course I was a purplish color. I tend to see others and myself as a purple being while on DMT. This was a quite amazing experience for me. Very thought provoking. DMT is fucking amazing. I lOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this molecule.
Mirrors can be powerful. You can learn to shift your state of mind even sober with them to some extent

Eye contact works even better, if you can find someone brave enough to experiment with you
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