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dmt in lemon juice...

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Im thinking of a way to capsulize or put dmt in tablet an oral form.. DMT.. Maoi..combo...

My question is.. If DMT becomes a salt mixed in lemon juice .. [[[ will it remain a dmt salt]]].. if all the water was evaporated from the juice?

Any opinions welcome?
Yes, it will stay in salt form. The salt forms are actually much more stable... but it will appear that the evaporation never completes. Most of the salt forms do not dry to crystals or powder as would be expected. You could carefully scrape up the residue and place it in gel caps, but my recommendation is to simply dissolve in a small amount of water and chug. Yes, it tastes bad, but nothing compared to the traditional ayahuasca brew.

My method which has been very effective so far is to take two small clear glasses, place my dose of harmine HCl in one and freebase DMT in the other. Then I will pour a few ounces of purified water in each. The harmine HCl is slow to dissolve and requires some stirring and often the addition of more water. The DMT will not dissolve, but slow addition of a weak food grade acid such as lemon/lime juice, vinegar, or citric acid and some stirring will slowly cause it to convert to a salt and dissolve. Sometimes it is necessary to add a bit more water, but you want to keep the volume down as it's going to taste really nasty and you want to be able to get it into your stomach in a gulp or two. If you're starting with anything other than pure white crystals, there may be some oily goop that wants to stick to the sides and bottom of the glass. Don't try to keep adding acid and water to get it to dissolve as it's just not going to happen. This will just make it harder to get down. And when you go to chug, it really doesn't matter if this goop stays in the glass or gets consumed.

If you do put in capsules, I would recommend to actually put the MAOI and DMT in the same capsules. If you simply can't do this, then consume the MAOI capsules 10 minutes prior to the DMT to give the capsules every chance to empty into your stomach before the DMT does. Otherwise, you run the risk of the DMT capsule/s opening first and being destroyed by MAO in your stomach.

Many recommend to drink the MAOI and DMT together, but I find it to be noticably more efficient to wait 10-20 minutes between the two. But of course, we all have slightly different physiologies.
Ok thanks..its good to know it will stay a salt form of dmt...

I dont expect it to dry into a powder because of the oil content of dmt especialy [Acacia dmt] ..

Although i may try a more agressive way to dry the stuff to make it easier to handle and see what happenes..

If you read the post below i recently tryed mixing a crude caapi extract.. water extracted only..

Last night and simply mixed 4 or 5 drops of the concintrated crude extract into some acacia wax in bottom of dish..

The drops contained some grain alcohol which made it mix easier into the wax..so after compleatly mixing it with the wax.. then letting it have enough time to evaporate ..most of the micro droplets of alcohol left the mix .. and i simply vaped it with a flame and it vaped very quickly and apeared to even vape the caapi maoi to some extent evenly with the dmt?

These two molecules should release their goods at diferent temperatures..

but it seemed that mixing the two alowed them to release their effect evenly?

Maybe im wrong..? but it seems that the MAOI worked with the dmt at the same time?

I vaped a larger amount of the plain wax a couple weeeks ago.. and it was nothing like when i blended in the crude caapi at a match head size dose.. i noticed a much quicker and stronger visual colorfull experiance!

the post is below...

mixing caapi extract into dmt wax...! Options

Posted : 2/11/2017 7:47:41 PM

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I have a tiny bit acacia dmt wax on bottom of dish thats been there over a month...

It was left over on bottom of dish after i put most of the acacia spice into a tincture form in grain alcohol for storage...

Ive vaped some of the plain wax by it self and was good.. but it lacked the magic that a maoi would do to it..

Well knowing that the temp to release MAOIs from caapi is much higher than it takes to vape dmt i tryed a little experiment and it worked great!

my caapi is in a dark semi thick liquid form in grain alcohol..

I took a small dropper bottle containing a [crude redish brown caapi extract] that i boiled out with plain water many months ago evaporated down to a thick paste..

Then i took the caapi paste and desolved it into grain alcohol then stored the concentrated mixture in a small dropper bottle of grain alcohol for many months...

Since i only have the crude extract of caapi and no leaf to use i put 3 or 4 drops of the caapi concintrate on the acacia wax and mixed it up very well turning the wax collor a darker amber color..

Then i scooped a fat match head sized amount of the acacia wax and wipede it on top of some fine choreboy..

At this point the spice wax and the crude concintrated caapi extract was evenly mixed together..

Expecting the two molecules to release at diferent temps.. i aplied heat gently at first.. trying to vape the dmt first ... then planing to torch the left over caapi extract right after the dmt vaped...

But something unexpected hapened...!...It all seemed to release evenly?! I hit me like a mountain and i could clearly feel the caapi and the experiance was greatly inhanced and very visual!.. much more than plain DMT by itself could have ever done...

I did torch the chore boy at the end.. but most of the total effect had already hit me after i tryed to keep the flame back for the dmt..

I think booth molecules released the goods evenly because it was only a matchead of blended caapi acacia wax?..
When DMT is in its salt from it is water soluble, unlike DMT freebase. DMT in its salt form is not suitable for vaporization (smoking), so if one intends to smoke the product it must be converted back into its free-base form.

·An acid readily gives up a proton (H+)
·A base readily accepts a proton

When an acid and a base are combined, the acid donates a proton to the base, neutralization occurs and a salt is formed. The salt formed depends on the acid used, so HCL gives the hydrochloride salt, H2SO4 gives the sulfate salt, acetic acid gives the acetate salt and so on...

Again, this report relates to smoking harmala extracts in combination with DMT extracts:


A methylene chloride extraction of Phalaris arundinacea (described in Winter '93 and Spring '94ER) was mixed 50:50 with Peganum harmala extract (described in Summer '93 ER) by soaking in ethanol on mint leaves. After evaporation, a one inhaltitia quantity of this was smoked. The experience was (as Gracie and Zarkov say): "qualitatively diffeener" than the Phalaris ex-
tract alone. The variety of Phalaris used in this experiment contained mostly 5-MeO-DMT, which is an extremely intense trip when smoked by itself. With the addition of the MAO-inhibiting harmala extract, the experience seems to be somewhat longer and considerably smoother, with
what can best be described as a "full body orgasm" as its predominant sensation. (It is my hypothesis that 5-MeO-DMT and DMT affect the chakras along the cerebro-spinal system.) Most people who've tried this combination prefer it to the Phalaris extract alone.

A variant of this "smokable ayahuasca," which was originally described by Gracie and Zarkov , in Notes From Underground #7, 1985, is to smoke about three inhalations of harmala extract prior to an inhalation of Phalaris. (The harmala is a surprisingly smooth and pleasant smoke. Its main effect is mildly tranquilizing, but not hallucinogenic.) In combination with Phalaris this seems to be stronger than the first method, though it still buffers the "alien" intensity of the 5-MeO- DMT alone. There's no doubt that the use of MAO inhibition with these tryptamines synergizes a "qualitatively different" experience: in my opinion, a much "friendlier" one.


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