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DMT in stomach acid resistant capsules

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Would using these for Pharma bypass the enzymes which break down DMT?

Acid resistant capsules safeguard ingredients from stomach acid, delivering them to the intestinal tract. They disintegrate in the duodenum for intestinal absorption. They are suitable for the delivery of probiotics and enzymatic formulations. The capsule retains its stability against the pH levels of the stomach, but breaks down when it reaches the higher pH levels of the small intestines. Enteric capsules dissolve at a pH of 5.5 or higher. The pH of the stomach varies from 1-5.

No need for Harmala in Pharma? Or are the enzymes in question located in the small intestines where these capsules pop?

I only found this info:
Homemade enteric coated capsules - how it's done - Other Psychoactives - Welcome to the DMT-Nexus
Talks about making them yourself, but google acid resistant capsules and you find several ready to use empty capsule products.
DMT is broken down by MAO-A, not stomach acid, therefore you will need an MAO-A inhibitor to orally activate DMT, there's no way around that unfortunately.
Also, some capsules billed as "Acid-Resistant" are far from acid resistant, but just a way for a vendor to charge a premium for standard caps. I found out the hard way when my mescaline acetate started kicking in at T+40 minutes rather than the 2 - 3 hours I was estimating.
Wolfnippletip: good to know this.

ShamensStamen: I hoped the enzymes are in or near the stomach area and delaying the opening of the caps would bypass the active zone, but from your answer I take it that's not the case and that the enzymes are in the intestinal tract where the capsules open. Too bad. This means there is no added value in using time delay caps for oral DMT.
Correct, although an extended release version of DMT (if at all possible) could prove interesting, would still need MAO-A inhibition though.

If you're on the fence about consuming an MAOI because of the purging, maybe check out Moclobemide as it doesn't have any purgative effects, works fine for activating oral DMT without causing the gut issues and rough bodyload that Harmalas can cause.
Personally I don't mind the plants body load and regard purging as a beneficial process. I also believe in their full spectrum synergy healing effect. The thing I do mind is the taste of swallowing Caapi brew. I use DMT-Fumerate capsules. I combined these with extracted Harmala's, but the effect doesn't feel right for me. I also don't like the effects of Rue too much. And I don't feel like going the pharmaceutical way. Gosh, I probably sound a bit picky lol.

The best way forward is full spectrum caapi extract. I'm thinking of making a caapi tincture:

Picky me doesn't want to consume alcohol. So I'd evap all the alcohol out as the post mentions. Then either put the yield in capsules. Or dissolve it in water, hoping the taste would improve compared to traditional brew.

Anyone any experience with this? And could the same be done for DMT plants?
If you're on the fence about consuming an MAOI because of the purging, maybe check out Moclobemide as it doesn't have any purgative effects

Well Moclobemide is a prescription medicament, so IMHO not really a viable alternative for most...
In some places yeah, other places don't require a prescription, i get mine online. If i could get it prescribed here in the US i totally would though.
Tell that to the psychiatrist i used to see lol, for the most part, anything i wanted prescribed he'd prescribe it, with the exception of things like benzos or pain killers obviously.

I have Autism, i've been on pretty much all psychiatric medications available here in the US lol, if Moclobemide was available here in the US i'd most likely have no problems getting it prescribed. Sure beats SSRI's and other anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, stimulants, mood stabilizers, and all that crap. I like Moclobemide, i've actually gotten better benefits from it than i have from SSRI's, without side-effects.

Thank god for being able to get it online though, no medical condition necessary.
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