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DMT made me blind

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So this was the scariest shit i ever had on DMT, and it wasn't even during the DMT trip. It happened after about 30 min I smoked about 30mg of dmt. I was meditating lying on my bad and i felt a bit cold so I decided to close the window next to my bed. I stood up, closed the window and like something punched me in my face, it's like when you hit your head against a corner, everything become dark, like i was sucked in in a black hole, at this moment I was very scared because my eyes were fully open, but I couldn't see anything, only total darkness, I fell on my bed and I was thinking that maybe I switched off my lights, and that's why I can't see anything, but after I realized that lights was 100% on. Likely after about 5 seconds my sight become normal and I could finally see, i was in WTF state and couldn't understand what just happened...

I assume that this happened because I stood up quickly from bed, that sometimes happened with me before, but this time it was 10 times more intense.
Thanks, that make sense, but as I said i used to have amaurosis fugax in past but it wasn't that intense as after DMT.
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