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Dmt melting after freeze precipitation / Bath solution ??? Help please ..

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Good day everyone , question : rabbit attempted for the first time a A/b ( Q21 ) tek method and come as far as to see some fluffy stuff in the Pyrex tray once spending 12 hour in the freezer, problem is that after pouring the solvent out the fluffy ( I guess ) crystals melt pretty fast leaving nothing but solvent, probably with water mixture because of the precipitation. Note : it’s pretty warm out here so might be the reason why

Rabbit friends encouraged or advised to saturate the solvent naptha and so he did using a crock pot ( bath ) to speed evaporation ( did not see any grey coloring like some mention in other threds none the less did succeed into allowing solvent to diminish in volume

So rabbit has managed to evape solvent ( naptha ) to a very thin layer with using a bath method ( in a way I guess to saturate ) sendondly rabbit puts solvent in freezer to “ precipitate “ witch doesent really dimisión volume but did allow Dmt crystals to evolve, problem has been since temp in the area is warm Dmt crystals always melt .. rabbit has read that when Dmt crystals are present ( In the precipitation stage ) we should take solvent out ( into a different container ) and put the tray with Dmt back in fridge for a few more hours and let it set to precipiate any remaining solvent , once done to take out and mix in a minimal amount of clean naptha and last do a bath to evape solvent and leave Dmt in powder form . would this be correct ? Would doing a bath allow naphtha solvent to evap and leave Dmt crystals in powder form ???

Thank you and any help is deeply appreciated ..
Your spice is dissolving back into the solvent in the heat. You need to get rid of all the solvent in order for crystals to form, so yea you could just let it all evaporate if you feel confident that there will not be anything weird leftover from evaporation (by evaporating the solvent on it's own to be sure that there is no film).

I'm probably supposed to tell you to use the search function here. :p
Thank you for your response, fully understand about the search options, nonetheless rabbit has read and searched all around for a solution and appliying different methods to reach a result but still ending in a melted product... darn , it seams that after removing the solvent once the small fluffy particles have formed and putting the tray back in the freezer they still end up having water from the freezing once attempting to let dry, particles starts melting once again.. kinda fustrating , something is missing.. guess practice makes perfect and learning from mistakes will possibly and hopefully have rabbit suceeed

Would a STB ( lye + naptha ) work better to make crystals more resistant than a A/b tek ???
I Seal my dish upon putting in freezer..Guess u could put a big ziplock over your dish to prevent any water from building up in the dish,,,hope this helps..
Try applying (low, flame free) heat under the melted crystals (a bath like you said), or just leaving the tray out to air dry. I bet even after you have poured off the solvent there is still enough trapped within the crystals themselves to cause them to dissolve when exposed to heat. They might not be as pretty and fluffy if you evap all the solvent, or you might get big beautiful crystals by slow evaporation.

& yea cover the tray when you put it in the fridge, both to keep water out & because the solvent will make your fridge disgusting, and if you keep food in there evaporating solvent in there is a bad idea.
Thanks guys ! Really apréciate the imput.. rabbit also has a feeling there is still solvent ( not visible ) after removing it, rab did leave tray a bit longer in freezer and tried to have the extra solvent evap ( one hour possible wasent enough ) but once pulling the tray out eventually melted once again. Rab will try and see if letting it evap with fan of bath can result favorably..
I doubt you have enough naphtha left 'mixed' with spice that it makes dmt dissolve. it might just be a heat issue.

Dry it with cold fan for 10-15 minutes after removing solvent from jar and then scrape. put it into your preferable container and keep it in the friedge. Only take out for smoalking. if it melts and changes consistency thats not a big deal, goo is much more convinient for scaling and vaping than xtals.
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