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dmt + mirror

Migrated topic.


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try it.

first off, swim blasted off in front of a TV that was off. SWIM looked up, and in the reflection of the TV he saw a bunch of entities sitting on the bed next to him. They were white, furry, big, with a hint of the essence of felines, and they were animals not of this world.

swim was walking through the bathroom to the kitchen, mirrors were every where.. swim then experienced something intense. swim was chased by a female human being. it felt only like something was slight off that made her different from me. she was quite angry, and looked as real as either you or i, and after me... but swim got control of the situation

SWIM is quite interested to try more spice in front of a mirror, but this time, planned lol..
SWIM has learned a lot from the entities on the other side..

peace fellas
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