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DMT = Puking Guaranteed?

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So far I've tried to experience DMT through:

Rue/mhrb brews: puked 10 minutes after drinking mhrb brew
ayahuasca sandwich (psychonautwiki's recipe, they claimed it reduced nausea by thousands): guess what, puked 15 minutes after eating mimosa peanut butter (hey, that's a 50% improvement!)
B. caapi / p. viridis brews: ho ho, another improvement, now it took 20 minutes
I gave up on oral route and tried snuffing yopo: mild 2d patterns, yopo should be improved but no hyperspace BUT GUESS WHAT??? I PUKED AFTER 30 MINUTES!

Ok. So, should I assume that the route of administration is irrelevant when it comes to DMT, and that it doesn't matter through which way it went in, whatever is in your stomach is comiing out? :sick: I guess I'll try extracting and smoking, but I'm not risking doing so by now. not without my trusted puke bucket by my side,
When consuming the plants directly or a brew made from them, chances are your going to purge. It's pretty unavoidable.

It's different with extracted and smoked dmt though. Most people probably won't throw up from smoked dmt, unless a sudden drastic change in perception makes you throw up. It is possible, but you'll probably be fine.
You could always use Psilocybin mushrooms. The molecular structures of DMT and psilocybin are almost the same and its one of the only dmt like substances that is fit for human consumption without a MAOI. Its almost the perfect psychedelic. Believe me you can have just as powerful of a experience with psilocybin.
My experience with purging have showed me the following.

Food and more importantly dieta prior to the experience make a vast difference. However, purge might occur anyway.

I purge about 30% of the time and it’s hard to put my finger on why. For instance one day I ate a large kebab the day before and did not purge. The second time I dieta couple of days and did purge.

With Rue/mhrb that also I use, make sure the brew is really clear reddish color. Filter it multiple times if necessary.

You can also try to drink it cold (if you consumed it warm) or vice versa.
Yopo is not DMT, is nothing like DMT, and should not be confused with the DMT experience. Yopo contains mostly bufotenine, and perhaps some 5-MeO-DMT, but it's presence in a prepared snuff is questionable. It is mostly a bufotenine experience in my view.

Pure DMT, without harmalas, is not likely to produce any nausea. Bufotenine and yopo generate the worst nausea of any psychedelics I have tried, including LSA.

People are eating peanut butter mimosa bark sandwiches now? Christ, I am out of the loop...
Actually some seeds of datura can help reducing nausea. I have tried with syrian rue alone (3, 5 seeds, it dependes) and it works. Horever i heard that datura seeds potentiate ayahuasca... maybe other users could help you more.
After a few experiences I started to think of purging as a good thing, since I feel great afterwards. Another thing you can do is make pharmahuasca, it shouldn't cause nearly as much nausea since you wont be ingesting any plant material

semi-related: how was the ayahuasca sandwich? does it work? ive been thinking about giving it a try sometime
It's not the DMT alone which is causing the purge, and when speaking about DMT/MAOI combinations you can not forget the "MAOI" part, and must not confuse such combinations with "DMT"

DMT itself will not cause nausea or vomiting, and with smoked DMT nausea and vomiting are non-issues...

Maybe you could try to cut back on your harmala admixture ratios while upping the DMT? Keep your PHS under 3g per dose, or your caapi at under 50g, and perhaps increase your DMT plant admixture two-fold...or perhaps just adjust your brewing ratios until you find an active brew that's a bit more gentle on your stomach...(smoking cannabis helps, I've even been working on infusing THC into my brews )

Diet is always important, avoid tyramine rich foods, milks, red meats, cheeses...and so on...
I'm already a vegetarian, with a fairly controlled diet, I don't eat junk food or drink soda, absolutely no meat, very little cheese, and minimal milk. No caffeine or energy drinks, foods with added sugar are avoided. I take amino acid, vitamin and protein supplements, some of which must be adjusted before taking an MAOI.

...Regardless, a healthy diet is important (not just for ayahuasca consumption, but in general, a good diet is very important)

Was this purging affecting your experiance?

Like we're you throwing up your dose before it had a change to set in?

Or is it simply unpleasant?

I don't purge every time, many times I fully avoid it, however it's not very predictable, I'm sure biochemistry and diet at the time of consumption are factors, as are the variabilities in brews..

when drinking yagé I often have to take a strong exhale to the side, and then hold my breath, before I gulp it down, trying not to taste or smell it, as simply the taste or smell at the wrong moment could lead to early purging...

Like others have said, I'm not certain the purge is negative, some would think of it as essential...Though purging too early, and voiding your dose, can be a real issue.

I used to puke every single time I smoalked.
After about 30 sessions of this (really unenjoyable trips), in which one of the instances the moment I inhaled I man stood before me and within an instant he said "this is good for you" and I vomited.

After a long time one day I just said "okay, I am ready now. I can puke if I need to, I am ready.", and two enormous black figures walked away from me as if I had finished a trial.

Ever since I've never puked and had lovely trips. Weird!
Man never washed bed sheets so many times in my LIFE.
With oral Harmalas (Rue, Caapi, pure Harmalas), if you take a good dose (common to heavy) daily or every couple days or so, for about a week or two, the reverse tolerance builds up and the nausea/vomiting/diarrhea goes away, the Harmala-related body load also cleans up a good bit. This takes care of the Harmala-related undesirable side-effects, ime, and allows you to be able to work with larger Harmala dosages without the side-effects.

Also, Lemon EO helped stop the nausea/vomiting from Rue long enough for me to build up the reverse tolerance a bit, then i stopped taking the Lemon EO and since Rue's reverse tolerance is built up, there's no more nausea/vomiting/diarrhea. So Lemon EO can help get you through things until you don't need it anymore. I will say though, Lemon EO can alter the DMT experience a bit, and if too much Lemon EO is used, things can be a bit dulled down intensity-wise. I use anywhere from 4 to 6 drops of Lemon EO, which i put into a capsule and ingest sometime before i take the Rue.

Also, i haven't found diet to play much of a role in the nausea/vomiting. Though i generally don't eat anything before i take the Rue, but i do eat afterwards. Here lately though, i've been eating before, during, and after the Rue and have no nausea/vomiting at all.

But it's a good idea to take the Harmalas for a bit, like a couple of weeks or so, and once the reverse tolerance is built up and the side-effects go away, then add in the DMT and see how it goes. I've been able to tolerate it better that way.
I have never puked from smoking, nor am I aware of any of my friends that have smoked it. Been around it for quite some time and seen a dozen or so people blast off and not one has even mentioned feelings of nausea. These were all blast off doses.
Running Bear said:
You could always use Psilocybin mushrooms. The molecular structures of DMT and psilocybin are almost the same and its one of the only dmt like substances that is fit for human consumption without a MAOI. Its almost the perfect psychedelic. Believe me you can have just as powerful of a experience with psilocybin.

Except for the fact that it creates huge tolerance, double that of straight mushrooms in fact (about 3-4 weeks) whilest ayahuasca has no tolerance or even the opposite to a certain degree.

If you extract both compounds pure, there will be considerably less if not absolutely no nausea depending on the dose you take. I can take 250mg pure harmalas with no nausea but just a little sleepiness
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