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DMT related discussion in Manhunt 2

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Click on the REVERA 7 patient file.

A research project into biochemical means of encouraging cooperation from prisoners of war and terrorist subjects to allow subjects successful interrogation and debriefing. Preparatory brief received specified that an intense dissociative and deleriant experience should be delivered that lasted for at least a week. One experiment compond, BZH-513 reached the final phase of testing, which was based on the polymerization of the combination if hyoscine, phencyclindine and alkaloids extracted from atahuasca (a traditional Incan shamanic drug).

In non-human primate testing, BZH-811 caused vesodilation, pupil dilation, increased heart rate and increased frontal lobe activity that lasted for between 5 and 9 days depending on the dose. Obviously the psychotropic dissociative and eleriant effects cannot be measured in animals, so the trails proceeded to primary human testing.

A student volunteer was recruited under the prevert of testing FDA approved hallucinogen controlled substances. He professed to have substantial exploitance with recreational used of hallucinogens (Ref Form # 3456AL).

The subject was interred in a sealed ward at Dixmor and allowed a day and night to allow him to habituate to his surroundings before the dose was administered. One doctor and one orderly were to be on watch at all times throughout the course of the experiment. They were briefed to be unobtrusive yet talkative and to offer any assistance the subject requested. It was important to try and keep the subject talking throughout to better gauge the effects of the compound.

Wow. All I have to say is wow.

The guys at Rockstar are just plain fucking brutal and insane when it comes to the background stories for some other their games. This is one fine example. Administering a combination of PCP, Scopolamine, and possibly DMT / Harmaline.

If one were to administer this to themselves, I would wish them good luck in ever reaching reality again.
I'd do it
gimme gimme gimme !!!
UGH..... don't read anything from that link... it makes me sick that someone has the perverseness to even think of that shit!! wankers. And the really sad part is, throughout history real people went through these ordeals of torture. thanks for reminding me
That sounds suspiciously like the BZ compound that the movie Jacob's Ladder was based off of. 2-3 days of jimson weed like delirum...no fun. Chemical torture :mad:
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