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DMT smoke is Alive

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I have noticed that the actual smoke tends to take on a very life-like appearance upon the second and third hits.
(This might have something to do with the fact that my eyelids are the size of dinner-plates by this point) The smoke looks "alive" and seems to move intelligently.

It's very strange.

Water is the same way.
well that's tripping for ya ,
i love to have just small dmt tokes and watch nature make it's forms
clouds form all sorts of objects and patterns appear everywhere extremally fast
ahhhhh i love to tripp , makes me feel so @ home
actually i've noticed what you said about the smoke too -

and once, I got a kinda dmt flashback where I puffed out some tobacco smoke and looked up and as all the smoke went up the way, it took on exactly the same pattern as the entities did when they came toward me on a previous trip; except in reverse - going away from me.

Odd huh!
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