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DMT smoking help???

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Hi everyone,

I have taken DMT few times now I'm having a lot of issues with breaking through due to not being able to inhale DMT without coughing 80% back out.

Any advice on what I can do to help with this issue??

I'm not a smoker either

When I start to inhale the smoke my throat just gives up and I start coughing I'm finding it very hard to stop myself coughing. I have tried inhaling quicker, also tried drinking milk before and also eating something to coat back of my throat but nothing is working

I have even tried practicing with one of them e-cigs with flavored liquid I also cough that out as well
hi MissDMT,

DMT vapour is pretty smooth when vaped properly, what is your ROA? this can make a massive difference.

i think that the best way would be to persist with a non nicotine vape pen, just try to get used to the intake of vapour.

good luck:thumb_up:
It is not smooth, because for a non smoker or anyone with a sensitive lung....every kind of smoke is harsh and painful.

One trick is to inhale 80% of what you can inhale and then fill up your lungs with regular air. Also keep it in for 20+ seconds to not waste dmt.
obliguhl said:
It is not smooth, because for a non smoker or anyone with a sensitive lung....every kind of smoke is harsh and painful.

True, especially for someone who runs or exercises regularly.

I found hyperventilating before taking my hit helps me hold it for up to 30 seconds. Basically, if you see white vapor coming from your mouth then you are wasting it.

Dabbing is an exceptional way to smoke and offers little opportunity to waste any and lets you take it all in one hit.

Harshness usually comes from burning it or having other contamination like oils which can be really harsh for some. Try lowering the temp and take 5-10 deep breathes before you go. It will get easier for your lungs the more hits you have. :thumb_up:
Hyperventilate a few times before you start, this makes your lounges expand and you can fit more smoke in there, use a small water bong and fill it with cold water, you will hardly feel the smoke as you inhale it! Slowly fill it up with smoke by taking a slow and controlled toke while applying just enough heat to the spice with your lighter, breathe it in and repeat a couple of times until there are only ashes left. If you have hyperventilated a few times you should have enough time to do this. Don't forget to hold it in! 😁 I hope this helps!

Good luck!
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