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DMT stands for......

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Kalt und Heiß, Schwarz und Rot, Kürper und Geist,
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But people give other meanings to the DMT acronym as well, like Direct Mystical Transmission, Dream Multiverse Transport, Divine Magical Tranciever (all taken from the Nexus site) etc etc.

Master of Plants called it:
Dusty Magick Tyke-revealer
in his signature

How about Dykes Molesting Transexuals?

How many more acronyms for DMT can people come up with? (Strictly speaking this should be called "retronym")
The first one retronym that comes to mind is Dont Mess-with Texas!

Duodenum Malleable Transitions

Drunk Monkey Trogdor
In Harry Potter world dmt stands for Department of Magical Transportation (or something like that)

And Shpongles' one is Divine Moments of Truth.
What about Dark Matter Tech?

To quote them:
Remote Exploitation
DMT will attempt to remotely exploit a target network which is owned and operated by customer personnel. During this process DMT personnel will make use of both public and private exploits as well as the most up-to-date hacker intelligence. DMT can perform this type of remote exploitation in either a covert or overt fashion depending on the customer’s requirements.

Social Engineering
DMT staff will use social engineering techniques to penetrate a customer’s network either by gaining physical access or through information disclosure which is later used to support Remote Exploitation.

And why are we using green text to highlight the retronym again? ;)
in my ex university the eletricity/maintenance employees had a uniform that had a nice DMT written on the chest, and it stood for Department of Technical Maintenance (but in secret language). I always wanted that vest haha

A few other ones:

Dimensional Magic Transporting

Dancing Molecular Tarantula

Divinity-Made Tryptamine

and our good russian friend DiMiTri, obviously :D
In college it was Digital Music Theory.

Doubled Multidimensional Trapezoids

Defenestrating Mechanical Triborgs

Diplopterys's Magical Tremors

Disorienting Merovingian Teleportation (from a very intense Reptilian Ayahuasca experience)

oh and

Draconian Masterful Trigonometry
Dumbfounding Mindblowing Trance

Divinely Majestic Trancendence

Druids Making Toys :lol:

Dancing Malevolent Tease :twisted:
Dark Mind Transportation

Diversified Morphing Teleport

Drastic Measures Tool

Dialated Mind Treasure

and for the unenlightened:

Direct Mental Trauma

Demonic Mind Toxin

Don't Mess w This!
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