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DMT + Wim Hoff breathing

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Until recently i only had vaped dmt indoors. The reason is, that i live in a densely populated region in a city of 1.5 millions. though the city is very green for a city of its size, its not really possible to make sure that one is undisturbed in the outside and so i did not dare to trip in nature.

last week however i decided i wanted to try it, so i waited for dark and walked a quiet path flanked by trees, and vaped a very small dose of dmt. it was very beautiful, the trees all looked like comic trees. but as it was very dark, i knew it must have been much more beautiful in daylight.

so a few days later, i decided to walk along a nearby small lake and vape another small dose in the evening, while it was quiet already but not all dark.
i went a short while, then came to a place where a few willows stood on a green allowing sight on the lake. i sat down and vaped my dose of 25mg. it was absolutely beautiful. i saw the trees breathing and have a living spirit. i felt immense benevolence radiating from them.

yesterday i decided i wanted to try this again, with a larger dose of 40mg and after smoking tobacco i had washed out with acetone and then infused with 75mg of harmalas alcaloids. i also decided to try the wim hof breathing before i vaped my spice.

now, i always breath deeply and controlled for some time before i vape dmt. i think doing this helps me reach a positive and deep experience, and i also had a few nasty reactions when i did not prepare myself in this way.
the wim hof breathing however is more then just deep breathing. it means, to breath realy deep in and somewhat deep out for 30 breath, then breath out, hold your breath for as long as you can, and finally, take another deep breath to hold it in for ten seconds.
i decided to repeat this twice, smoke my harmalas after the first repetition and vape my spice at the end of the second repetition after breathing out and holding my breath, with the final breath that i was supposed to hold in for ten seconds.

when it was time, i could not hold my breath after breathing out for very long. i was walking at a not to slow pace (i cant realy do slow), and my body wanted oxygen. when i then drew on my vaporizer, i needed to take in some air, bypassing it, i knew that i was not able to vaporize all the spice i had loaded*. in the end i desperately tried to inflate my lungs as much as possible to suck in the vapors that where left in my mouth.

i thought: well, damn. that did not work to well :( but, hey, lets see how it turns out.

and boy DID it turn out!!

after only 3 seconds the plants around me developed an aura, after some five it got quite intense and when i did breath out, i was surrounded by entities. they where just everywhere. plants, animals, humans, trees. it was quite overwhelming, and i could not realy pay attention because at this point i saw that some of the aoura of some trees and brushes near the lake had started to form a wild torrent of colors a shapes to swirl around over the lake.
an old lady stood beside me talking to me non stop and pointing towards it. when i told her that i could see it, she went quiet and stood by.
i sat and watched for a while until things calmed down. entities came along and passed by, maybe some real persons. i could not distinguish between them. when i knew reality from dream again i moved on, contemplating what i had seen.
and though it was not far from my home, i managed to run in circles for at least 90 minutes without finding my way back. i thought this to be quite funny. i did enjoy my walk, and i felt like maybe i was not supposed to find home early.
in the end, just before i got home i made friends with a cat witch i deeply enjoyed.

did wim hof breathing before vaping a medium sized dose of dmt, and got reaaaaaaly high.

(a check after indeed showed a good amount of dmt left in my vaporizer i estimate that i consumed a dose of 30mg)
I once tried to do one round of wim hof before DMT. It helped me with pre-flight anxiety, but I still believe it had not very much effect on the trip. Maybe next time I should try to do more rounds. Another thing that helps me to relax before dmt is chanting aum. Like wim hof, it also oxygenates my cells, and it helps to concentrate.
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