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I've never had the pleasure to sample some MXE when it was still out there. But since the worldwide ban several analogues have been produced. Most of these analogues have had mostly negative reviews from people looking for an alternative.

DMXE however was reviewed pretty positively by many people familiar with MXE, wich made me decide to try it.

The first thing i noticed about this substance, was that it had relatively little side effects compared to other arylcyclohexylamines. It did not seem to impair my thinking that much either.

At the same time, it was pretty visual as well as psychedelic for me. I found it a lot more psychedelic than ketamine or other dissociatives, while it remained pretty clear-headed at the same time.

Another thing i found was that it is relatively easy to reach a "hole" on this substance, while still being fully awake and able to remember everything. Since it comes in waves when taken orally, i found myself on a couple of occasions slipping in and out of the DMXE-hole again and again for a good two hours.

I find it combines realy well with LSD and cannabis.
As it is also an SSRI, it is unwise to combine it with phenethylamines or MAOI's though.

The after effects last pretty long and are a sedated, fuzzy sort of drunkenness. Don't take this substance when you have to do something that same day, the sedation lasts for many, many hours.
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