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Do Not Extract Ibogaine from Tabernanthe iboga.

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Why? Because Tabernanthe iboga is endangered. The plant should be used by those seeking an experience of the full spectrum of psychoactive alkaloids in the plant, making it a unique and powerful entheogenic experience. This can be accomplished by taking the rootbark or TA (Total Alkaloid extract), or a combination of the two.

If you seek an experience from taking the isolated chemical ibogaine, take the chemical from the much less coveted and endangered plant, Voacanga africana.

Otherwise, taking ibogaine from Tabernanthe iboga is akin to killing a buffalo for its hide, leaving the rest of the carcass to rot.

...I appreciate the OP is almost exactly a year old to the day, but just thought I'd chime in to echo the sentiments being expressed here. Having experience with iboga root bark, TA (Total Alkaloid) extract and pure ibogaine plus TPA, I found the ibogaine to be a short lasting experience, shallower than the experience yielded by the others, and it seemed to wash through my system a lot quicker, without any trace of the afterglow that was such a notable part of the experience with the others. In my experience, the 12 or so other alkaloids found in iboga really augment and deepen the experience, and seem to play a really important role in the afterglow. TA in particular I found much smoother on the body than the root bark, while providing the essence of the whole plant and allowing one to go deeper dosage wise than root bark alone (due to purging sooner on less material). Some practitioners maintain that pure ibogaine is useful in targeting specific things...if someone prefers the idea of using a measured dosage, I would like to echo the sentiments expressed here once again and state that one would be much better of extracting ibogaine from the much more common and easier to grow plant, Voacanga africana, and selective use of solvents when extracting may yield a cleaner profile alkaloid extract resulting in a smoother journey if one wishes to go down the TA route. Otherwise, if possible, if one is sourcing iboga, it would be best to try and seek out sustainably or ethically sourced root bark, bearing in mind it has been classified as endangered in Gabon due to overharvesting, largely to supply Western demands.

A link here put together by ibogaine expert Dr Chris Jenks on ibogaine production from Voacanga africana...the link needs updating (Chris should be contactable) but good to see such work in motion.

The prolonged afterglow yielded by the full alkaloid extract motivated me to contact a few ibogaine practitioners...while I do see the importance of being able to use a set and known dosage of a single isolated substance, it seems to me that recovering addicts and others that could really benefit from the prolonged afterglow period in which to enact life changes could be missing out on this important part of the experience to a large degree.
Thank you for this. I am preparing to journey to Mexico to take part in an ibogaine session. I'm very excited about this, and all the info i can get beforehand helps.

I'm doing it to hopefully aid in the ongoing battle against PAWS (a year and three months after my last methadone dose) and help to get to the bottom of the crisis that caused me to shoot heroin for 20 years.

Then I'm going to write the book.
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