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Does anybody here enjoy the Harmala Alkaloids

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Does anybody here enjoy smoking or consuming any one of the Harmala Alkaloids. Is it a drug that could be casually used in replacement to marijuana. From what I have read it seems like it could be very relaxing but I don't plan on doing an extraction for a while I just don't have a way to get money back onto my debit card that I would have to use to order the syrian rue or w/e I would need.
SWIM has smoked caapi vine before..and rue seeds...they are very enjoyable...and they can sort of replace mj...like when you cant smoke mj anymore;)..say because of probation or whatever:)

caapi has a much better flavor...and its kinda best to smoke the bark..has a nicer flavor and is less woody...its good to mix in with blue lotus and/or wild dagga...makes a nice 'joint' mixture...and does have a fairly nice buzz to it...short lived but enjoyable and its also very warming to the body..nice on cold days and whatnot
Awesome sounds kinda what I'm looking for. Since mj is out of the picture. So the caapi is concentrated enough to smoke just the bark? Would say a joint full of it work good? Sounds very interesting to me. I'll have to order some.
it most certainly works..its very nice and subtle..but powerful enough in its effects that you can enjoy it...

but throw in another herb that is legal..that produces effects on its own that you enjoy..because mixed with the caapi..it really creates a synergistic and potentiating effect that is nice
SWIM likes all of the harmalas on their own for different reasons.

He likes harmaline when he's having a hard time sleeping. It's a great sleep aid at 100 mg freebase. Not only does it help you sleep but it also gives you tons of dreams. Very cool stuff.

He likes harmine sometimes just for the psychoactive effects. He uses 200 mg freebase and can get mild dream-like visions from it with the eyes closed. He finds it slightly stimulating, unlike harmaline, which is more sedating and more mentally foggy.

His new favorite is tetrahydroharmine (also known as THH). This is the stuff that makes caapi so superior in ayahuasca. He’s recently found a vendor that sells pure tetrahydroharmine. This is one of the nicest harmala alkaloids there is. It produces mild euphoria and a pleasurable tingling sensation in the body, and produces some mild visuals. It’s quite different from the other harmala alkaloids. It’s very meditative and leaves your mind very clear. Excellent stuff.

He once tried harmalol. It was sort of psilocybin like, but without the visuals. Very nice, but mild. He’d like to try that one again someday.
SWIM agrees with what 69ron says about THH...wonderful stuff...SWIM likes to use it to enhance the little bit of weed he smokes...

as posted on another thread..THH actually worked well with MDMA...it made the roll last at least twice as long...but it didnt make it much stronger...SWIM does not recommend using anykind of maoi/rima/ssri with MDMA..but it does work...he snorted about 10-15mgs 20-30 minutes after taking the MDMA

not sure if he would do it orally though...sublingually might work nicely
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