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Does anyone know what tree is this? (Some Mystical experiences are reported)

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Hi, I found this tree in the state of Andra Pradesh in India (South Asia). Some people have reported people having Mystical experiences around this tree. I found a Dita tree near to this also. Is it possible for a tree to breathe out Psychoactive chemicals so people staying near to it get affected?


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Is this story centered around this one particular specimen? What is the context of the stories? Just from the wording of the OP, it sounds like perhaps we're dealing with some kind of local lore of a spiritual nature. Do the stories align with the local religion?

Def not a botanist, I can't ID it, sorry.

Does it have any fragrance? Perhaps the lore (if any) has to do with a 'magical' scent?

Maybe the tree is home to some kind of wood nymph that smoalks in the branches, and if someone wanders under it while she exhales a big toke...:!: okay, I'll stop.
Ulim said:
Are those the seeds in the second image? Can you get less shaky pictures?
Looks like some kind of brugmansia to me
Yes These are the images of seeds and seed pods, I have no pictures of leaves with me.


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