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Does heptane need to be warmed when adding to base?

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xantus said:
art supply stores.. called Bestine. you only need a little... 50-70ml per extraction for a rextal/precip

Oops, :? , think you missed it, homie....

It isn't necessary to heat heptane (or any other solvent) prior to adding it to your basified solution, although you might be surprised at how much more quickly and efficiently a heated solvent may work versus a room temp. solvent in this application. I like to bring my heptane to a near-boiling point before adding it to my base-mud. It seems to kind of "zap" a greater percentage of alkaloids out, esp. from the 1st pull.
Definatly helps. I normally bring my solvent to a boil, before adding to the solution. Litrally bubbling.

Also I warm the black solution slightly first. I dont have a thermomiter (it is destroyed at 60celcies) so I normally warm it too bath tempriture. No higher.

Seems to do the trick nicely. Got a 1.3 gram pull out of just over 200g bark last night.
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