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Does mimosa brew residue have crystaline particles?

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Sicho Naut

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Hi all,

To avoid having to drink ayahuasca (specifically: mimosa hostilis brew), I reduced my dose to 20 ml and left it to dry on a plate.

This dried after less than a day, after which I scraped up the residue.

However, the collected powder has tiny crystaline particles - the most visible on the pic with the box cutter on it (below). I am a little paranoid that these tiny crystals are in fact tiny pieces of plate that came off during the scraping?

When I scrub a piece of plate without residue on it, I don't notice any particle coming off whatsoever, but even so I am a little worried. Is it normal for mimosa brew residue to have little crystals in it?

My plan was to consume the residue the day after tomorrow- so quick replies are very much appreciated!

Thanks ahead!


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I'd try re-dissolving what you have in ethanol or a small amount of water and filter through a coffee filter or something equivalent.. if the sparkly bits are 'ground up plate' they won't dissolve. I would discard any particulate matter that isn't soluble.

Evaporate onto a pyrex dish if you are really paranoid about the plate but I don't think it should be an issue if you scrape off of a flat, hard and non porous surface..

The crystalline looking particles could be a number of things from the plant.
Thanks @acacian!

I have PM'd with ShamenStamen from whom I got the idea for this residue method, and he said that in his experience the mimosa residue is indeed sparkly. This combined with the fact that scraping residue-less parts of the plates don't produce any particles, leads me to conclude that the sparkly things are normal and not plate! Thanks also @ShamensStamen!
No problem, yeah i always liked how the Mimosa residue powder looked, Acacia residue too. Iirc there was also another post about this awhile back and the sparkliness may have been suspected to be some sort of salts like calcium salts or something, iirc. It's shown up consistently regardless of the kind of dish i use for evaporation so it's definitely not from the dish.
I let a 10ml booster dose dry out in a glass dish (pyrex) and scraped it up. The residue also has sparkly bits and looks exactly the same on all fronts, further corroborating the above.

Scraping of a glass surface was way easier, too.

Trying it out tomorrow 😁

EDIT: Came down with a stomach bug or something, so postponing to next week.
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