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Does roasting rue seeds destroy alkaloids or just change them?

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I have read that roasting the seeds either destroys the harmaline and leaves behind harmine, or the harmaline gets converted to harmine.

So what is the case actually?

I do not want to waste or destroy the seeds, but the idea that it might convert is interesting.

If somebody has experience how roasting affects the potency it would really be helpful.

Thanks ahead
Yea I believe dark roasted Syrian Rue is more devoid of Harmaline and becomes more totally Harmine. I don't know if it's more conversion or more so that the Harmaline has been destroyed. From what I read and what I tend to believe I think it is the latter. More people seem to think Harmaline has just been destroyed rather than having been converted to Harmine.

But I don't know. I'm not really able to state the factual science that goes on when we roast rue but I can sum up the feel of my different experiences.

Between eating the seeds and drinking the tea, whether brewed raw or roasted then brewed, I prefer a well filtered tea. The seed matter going through me for digestion seems to have an impact on my experience I prefer to go without. Usually I get my Aya plant doses down within 50mL of well filtered tea at the concentration that provides the doses I'm looking for.

So with the teas, the roasted Rue made into tea does seem to lessen body load for me which was my main interest in trying the dark roast. However it seems to lack in regard to the experiences I had gotten used to from X amount of grams of Syrian Rue. Seems to again point towards no conversion of Harmaline to Harmine, but rather killing significant amounts of Harmaline off leaving it to be more solely Harmine, which some may have reason to prefer and some may dislike that.

In all Syrian Rue's appeal to me and many people is how cheap it is in comparison to purchasing B. Caapi supply. But I much prefer Caapi tea, extract, or it's pure alkaloids. My favorite RIMA to use is a 1:1 ratio of THH to Harmine. An extracted and purified 210mg of Harmine + 210mg of Tetrahydroharmine (420mg) as gotten from 90 dry grams of Caapi vine is my go-to but I use it sparingly because of it being the priciest to purchase. Caapi or its alks, especially yellow Cielo, are much much more friendly with me than Syrian Rue or simple teas made from Rue. I think many people feel this way yet it's the Rue that is more affordably cheap to stock up on. Second to the yellow Caapi vine to me would be 'white' Caapi vine. Then there's 'red' Caapi vine followed by 'black' Caapi vine which seems to raise the power and potential difficulty level of the experience.

Doing at least a Manske style extraction on a bulk of Rue seeds does to me make it much cleaner of an experience than whole seeds or tea even if roasted. That method can be used for Caapi as well.

Last but not least while being cheap enough and affordable for pharmahuasca has been my use of Aurorix/Moclobemide, a pharmaceutical RIMA, that when I choose to use it it provides a more straight oral DMT experience.

But sorry I did everything but answer your question, which I'm not certain of the answer to, but I suspect it's no conversion of Harmaline to Harmine, but rather just making it moreso predominantly Harmine due to the death and destruction of much of the Harmaline from the dry heat baking. :p

It's worth it to try and see if you like it that way. You may be 'wasting' some of the seeds' potency, sure, but Rue seeds are gotten very cheaply and you can find out if the roasted version of using it becomes a preference for you.

I recommend full Manske extractions of seeds over whole seeds or tea, raw or roasted.
This is a recurring question that would deserve a scientific approach to decide. Point of views on the subject are varied. My feeling when I tried roasted (light, medium, dark) seeds teas is that they are just weaker than with unroasted/raw seeds. I didn't see any point in continuing to do so, even if it tastes sweeter, much less bitter (I don't consider the bitter taste of rue tea being a big concern). Just my own feeling, some people may have a different one. Maybe the best is to try yourself and make your own opinion :)
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