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Does Syrian Rue ever lose potency?

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I have some ancient seeds I'm thinking about brewing, more than a decade old.

Harmalas are insanely stable, so these should still be good... right? In any case, I'll report back after bioassay.
I've had seed stored for a couple years, and it's potency was still fine, idk about a decade but i'm pretty sure Harmalas are pretty stable. I've never noticed any potency loss or degradation with all my Rue seed/extract work.
There's a small possibility that some of the harmaline may have converted to harmine (if Shulgin's speculations regarding hundred-year-old specimens of caapi are anything to go by, as well as his mention of an old sample of harmaline unaccountably containing 30% of harmine). This shouldn't present any problems - indeed, some might regard it as an improvement.
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