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Does the Egg-White/Gelatin-TEK also work with MorningGlory ColdWaterExtracts ?

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Do you think it would remove any of the leftover nauseating Compounds from a Morning Glory Drink ?
I really like this simple trick .
Can you post some information about that tek, I have heard so much about it, but can't find too much information about it.
You pour Egg white /Gelatin into your ready made brew -this takes out the tannins , and possibly other (non Polar??) nausea inducing Compounds and settles on the bottom of the container : Maybe someone has a link with more detailed informations.
If you put veggie oil - any veggie oil - on top of your CWE and shake, and then put it through a sep funnel (plastic bag, lol)... it will prevent the seed oils floating on top of the water from being incorporated into the evaporate crust.

Acid-Base extraction. a beautiful thing. be sure you add a little tartaric acid to the water though, preferably a bit above the pKa of LSA. the alkaloid (good stuff) will convert to the tartrate form, which is only soluble in water (and other polar solvents) unless the alkaloids are in freebase form (theyre in tartrate) they wont dissolve in the oil (nonpolar), which will dissolve lots of plant oils and ergoclavines. magic. separate, evaporate, enjoy. or couple with diethylamine.
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