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Does this look good?

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Hey everyone I just did my first extraction using this https://psychonautwiki.org/wiki/D-Limonene_and_vinegar_"full_spectrum"_DMT_extraction tek, Since I had all of the materials needed already.i would like to know if this looks good, since the vinegar and limonene never turned orange just a light yellow instead it and now I have the orange resin that feels quite greasy and has a pretty synthetic smell To it.




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The synthetic smell is probably the tryptamines, they do smell like new sneakers, and it is all natural! Off course you might have error and smell something else, but know that the trypts smell like new plastic.
yeah the color is a bit off in the picture its more amber, i think maybe the white dish messes with the camera. it has a waxy texture now that i scraped it up and i think there is spots you can see is some left over plant matter since it was emulsified pretty heavily.
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