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DOSED in Sydney

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The next Australian Psychedelic Society event in Sydney is a screening of the award-winning Dosed Movie presented by Dendy Cinemas Newtown on November 24th, Sunday, 4:30pm, Dendy Newtown, 261-263 King St, Newtown, NSW.

Tickets on sale now: Dendy Cinema

An evening dedicated to psychedelics, mental health, addiction, compassion, education, and solutions. The DOSED screening will be followed by a Q&A led by Jef Baker from the Australian Psychedelic Society - APS and special guests (TBA)

Check out the Trailer for DOSED:
After many years of prescription medications failed her a suicidal woman turns to underground healers to try and overcome her depression, anxiety, and opioid addiction with illegal psychedelic medicine like magic mushrooms and iboga.




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