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Double breakthrough - 12 mins. in hyperspace - was dinner an MAOI?!?

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Seeking advice from the advanced and experienced here.

My DMT-laced weed gets progressively more potent with each extraction. I loaded a small bowl with 10-15 mg right on top and burned the bowl, NOT expecting a breakthrough.

Well, I wound up in hyperspace with a grand tour of the elf-realm. There were elf-beings sitting in fantastic chairs that were mounted within the texture of the fantastic, pulsating, ever-morphing walls. After a few minutes of looking at amazing things, I began to come back into my body. I became aware of the fact that I was lying on my bed listening to music. I continued to slowly come down but did not open my eyes. I even began to consider loading another dose before fully coming down.

Out of nowhere, two entities appear on each side of me and very quickly lift me out of my body by my soul and we are FLYING. Flying over of all things a hyperspace golf course, with rainbow light shapes shooting off the tips of the little flags that labelled the holes. I begin to egotistically think that this batch of DMT is particularly good. At this point I am dropped by the entities for my "lack of faith," which is hilarious because I have always said that DMT does not ask for faith. Bullshit tricks with the subconscious. After a bit of this silliness, the scene changed to little elves cavorting among tiny crennelated, quartzite buildings.

I knew that people sometimes had changes of scenes in hyperspace, but I hadn't heard anytning about double breakthroughs without an MAOI.

After coming down the second time, feeling completely amazed, I used deduction and the playlist of songs to determine that I was in hyperspace for at least 12 minutes. WTF?

So, the question arises: Did I enjoy a tasty MAOI with my pot roast dinner approximately 90 minutes before the launch? Here is the entire ingredient list: Pot roast, water, wine, onion, bay leaf, pepper and seasoned salt (salt, sugar, spices (including paprika and tumeric), onion, cornstarch, garlic, tricalcium phosphate, natural flavor, paprika oleoresin), iceberg lettuce, green lettuce, carrots, potatoes, purple cabbage, french bread, butter and a cola flavored soda.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

Peace & Love,
I don't exactly have years of experience under my belt like the Vets here but I don't need that to answer your question...and I do however do what some might call advanced combos such as Sally/Spice. Anyways you don't need an MAOI to have a 12 minute spice journey; I've had plenty of those with just DMT. Reading you report makes me want to do the ganja/spice combo. I've never done it just because people say the sedative spirit of ganja makes the spice experience less exhilarating, and I always choose stimulation over sedation. But, I've never met elves. I've met plenty of humanoid E.T.'s and a couple of insects but never an elf or machine elf, so maybe the ganja will do the trick!:)
actaully that sort of happened to me about an hour ago..not to the extent of your wonderful soudning trip though..

at firt I went into hyperspace and it was very dark and I was in some sort of salien place with lots of gold and yellow geometry..sort of zooming around..the visions faded after a few minutes and left amazing synesthasia with the citar music I had playing..I turned on a lamp and lay back down, now 5 or 6 minutes after smoking and went right back into the same place, with a trippier feeling than the first time.

This happenes to me sometimes..I sort of go in and out. I had just eaten as well..sometimes I get the feeling that the spice is a bit delayed and lingers longer after a big meal becasue it has more in the bloodstream to compeat with..just my theory though.
spiced weed always takes me on a nearly 20 minute journey. i make a potent sativa blend that is 75% spice/25% weed.....the journeys i go on....oh me oh my...my vote is for the weed's contribution on this one :)

and also- thank you for using the oft-neglected "crennelated" in your trip report....pandora, you're nothing if not eloquent....thank you for your delicious clutch of vocabulary!!

I also had this happening to me once, with a combination of ayahuasca and shrooms. I think in my case it must have been caused by the fact that both alkaloird didn't enter my bloodstream simultaneously.

But i remember the surprise. I'd had that chrysantemum thing, and then there was another again:shock: This even repeated itself a couple of times.

In your case, the weed must have contributed greatly to this surprising effect. cannabis has remarkable synergies with other substances that are sometimes very subtle and sometimes a little less subtle.
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