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Double PC bark abuse.

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So after struggling for a while getting the goodies out of various acacias I decided to ramp up the cook to new levels.

* 200g of acuminata bark was PC'd @ 15 psi for 3 hours, in 4L of ph4 water x2
* Bark was removed and cooks were combined and reduced to 1.6L
* 100g salt added for flavour
* 200 ml of basic solution added to bring ph to 13
* Whilst solution was still hot 80ml of shellite added and shaken multiple times and then pulled after 45 minutes.

12 hours later in the freezer


then a second 80ml pull the next day where I warmed the bottle in a sink of hot water, yielded


The third pull the next day yielded just 2 tiny little xtals, lonely in the dish. Just a few mg.

There's nothing new here in science terms, but the massive PC overkill on the bark and the hot pulls extracted all of the DMT very effectively with minimal effort. I'm much happier to have a pot sit there on ultra low for the day than to be shaking and stuffing around for hours doing many pulls.

Sure with a moar oily source a backsalt would be essential, but even so... it still seems worthwhile.
Good yield from fat AA phyllode, and doesn't look like you pulled too many oils/fats either. Nice job :thumb_up:
Hey, nice approach. Looking to do something similar.

Did you just put the bark onto the bottom of PC and added acid solution on top? Or did you put the bark and liquid in a container that went into the PC?
Just put it straight in the PC. A stainless steel PC.

The reduction is on a low temp, I don't boil the crap out of it.

Can't really think of anything else to add. This has been my go to acacia tek since this thread.
I'd like to offer another method that may be similar, using different tools for those that don't have pressure cookers.

Sous Vide!

I did 5 quick 30ml solvent pulls on 100g MHRB that was divided into two equal portions in masons jars using Noman's. ~750mg was obtained.

Then several days later I added more solvent (closer to 50ml each), and submersed the jars into a sous vide water bath at 55C for hours and hours-- just set it and went about my day. That evening, I took them out and shook/rolled very thoroughly for several minutes, and decanted-- there was easily another 500mg in the solvent and it was completely hands-off.

I know some advise against heat because the yellow oils that are released, but there's simply no going back once you unlock the process for yourself and see a doubling of initial yield sometimes. Of course this is based on your plant and exact method-- but it's a must-do if you are after truly complete extraction!
Very nice, curious though
Do you powder the bark first or throw it in as chunks (shredded)
Also are you using root bark or just bark?
Another data point regarding this. I started PCing my shredded Acacia bark twice after three regular 2-hour acid boils, and I got almost 50% extra yield.
Northener, this is great. One hypothesis is that you "broke down" large natural DMT molecule aggregates during the PC treatment. These aggregates are otherwise difficult to dissolve in the solvent, and any aggregates that do come through may crash as a yellow/orange oil (all this is only hypothetical). Other names for the aggregates are DMT polymers or DMT oligomers, which Benzyme has shown some MS evidence. By breaking the DMT down to individual molecules, solvent solubility is increased (easier to extract), and freeze precipitation results in the white xtals powdery form (again, a hypothesis only).

What type of acid did you use? (Citric/acetic/etc). Thanks.
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