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DPT HCL CAN in fact be vaporized

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I learned this not too long ago.
I guess it makes sense that the HCL form of Dipropyltryptamine can be vaporized for effects, because the HCL salt form of 5-meo-dmt can also be vaporized effectively.
I wonder what other tryptamines can be vaporized in their salt forms?
I believe someone elsewhere mentioned that 4-aco-dmt can also be vaporized, but I do not believe that this is true.
But DPT HCL can in fact be vaporized for full effects.
Unfortunately, I live in one of the only two states in the United States where DPT is illegal, so I will not be experimenting with this.
:? Its not about the fact that vaporizing salts doesnt work its about the fact you are inhaling HCl.
We are talking really really terrible effects. Not to forget that the smoke will be harsh and disgusting.

US health exposure limits (NIOSH): 50ppm is considered immeadiate danger to your lungs.

Thats roughly 70mg on 1m^3

Now DPT is roughly 0.12mg of HCl per 1mg of DPT HCl. Erowid has a dosage of 20 - 50 mg
So lets just take 50mg for this example 50*0.12=6mg of HCl in one 50mg dose

Google says average lung capacity is 6l. Thats 0,006m^3
1m^3/0,006m^3= 166.6666

166*6mg = 1000mg/m^3 = 670.6 ppm
So smoking a 50mg dose of DPT exposes you to 1000mg of HCl per m^3 or 670.6 ppm
1300 ppm (human, 30 min) is reported LC lowest puplished.

Now at these concentrations we are talking very possible lung damage.
Afterall you are nearly 15 times of the dangerous concentrations if you inhale that.
Hi Ulim thank you for making this revealing post.
I had no clue that inhaling HCL salt vapor was so bad for the lung health.
I guess it's a good thing that I only vaporized 5-meo-dmt HCL one time, and at a very low dosage (about 5 milligrams).
Thanks again for this eye-opening, informative post.
Now I don't know what I will do with the remainder of the 5-meo-dmt HCL that I still have.
Also, it is in enhanced-leaf form now (I converted a bunch of 5-meo-dmt into a smokeable enhanced-leaf blend with peppermint).
Another reason why it is not a good idea to attempt vaporization of amine salts is that the salts typically have a much lower volatility and a much higher boiling point than the corresponding amine freebases. This also causes amine salts to have a higher propensity to undergo thermal degradation into all kinds of harmful byproducts (apart from the HCl.)
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