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Dream I Had

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I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this. Please correct me if it is not.

The other day, while taking a nap, i had a lucid dream. Not lucid in the sense of total control, but i had influence over my actions.
Some of you may consider this dream violent, but consider that human nature includes a degree of violence. Think about Altered States.

Anyway, in the dream, i was fighting someone. In the dark. I dont remember much of this part. I had the ability to stretch my arms and mutate like the manga Parasyte
which i had just been reading, which i used to attack him. We were shooting at eachother. I knew this man was much more powerful than me and that i would lose the fight. He knew it too. Therefore, halfway through the fight he asked if we could take a break to eat my "last meal", or some similar concept.
We walked out of the grassy forest area we had been in to a sort of park restroom. Walking to the restroom were some young human women ( we were not in the strictest sense of the word human. We were sort of "higher", but predatory, like the parasites in the manga). I'm talking like possibly 12-14 years old.
He attacked them and started to eat there bodies. In the dream, my motives were different than they might be in life, naturally. But what comes next was still my own decision.
I stretched out my arm like Mr.Fantastic, grabbed one of the young girls, and ripped her clothes off. I began to rape her.
Then, my face turned into this giant mouth, with huge teeth and in one bite i consumed the front half of the girl.

Needless to say, i found this dream slightly disturbing. But there was a certain atavistic bestial part of me that i became in that dream. I had the drive of an animalistic predator.
I do not believe humans are very much apart from animals; i believe our daily actions are shadows of natural inclinations. We are very much still affected by our original niche in nature.
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