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has anyone (in austrailia most likely) heard of "dreamtime"? I was reading a thread over at bluelight about smoking DMT. the original poster was asking how to smoke DMT in "leaf form" (which I knew immediately was probably changa, and he was probably an austrailian). one of the replys said this: "Whatg you have is probably one of those smokin mixes like Dreamtime or Changa. Smoke it like you'd smoke anything else. A regular pipe, bong jointg etc will suffice. Personally, if it's changa, I just smoke pack a bong and rip it" Now I know what changa is but I've never heard of Dreamtime. anyone ever heard of this or know what it is, and the difference between it and changa?
Dreamtime is Changa 😉 sometimes a headshop may sell changa under the counter but will never call it that as it has obvious legal implictions.. many times i've heard changa called dreamtime for this exact reason on another note, what exactly is changa? i've heard that changa is dmt plus some moai containing leaf, usually caapi. without the caapi (or other) it cannot be called changa... but that may be totally inaccurate.. i dunno :D
calling it changa has legal implications, like changa is banned by name over there? I would think the fact that it contains DMT is the main issue. Thats pretty cool that some headshops over there sell it. not to mention that you guys have your own local source of DMT. Austrailia sounds like a cool place. is it very popular over there?
hehe yeah i think it is, in the right circles of course i never knew it existed until i entered the right place, and all of a sudden i'm surrounded by space cadets talking about DOx, 2C-x-x, DMT, salvia, all this stuff i'd never heard of :D yeah surely the fact that it contains dmt is the only legal concern they should have, but for example they sold 'philosopher stone insence' which was indeed philosopher stone shrooms, however marketed as incense -dreamtime just names that try not to imply exactly what they are i think they wouldn't label them with 'dmt enhanced leaf!' which i guess is what changa is saying fuck i dunno man, i'm full of shit hey the times are gone :( no longer, they got caught apparently mesc is available at the right places but i'm yet to encounter this i think as far as people smoking dmt goes, changa is the preferred way over here, again this is only from what i've seen heard, i'm not sure what other people are doing out there though
I am pretty sure you can still get changa at music festivals. At the right trance festivals they have herbal stalls and the last one I went to they even had DMT t-shirts. Didnt fully know what DMT was then but I will keep a lookout next time I go to one.
Hey all just discovered this place by searching for changa in google!

Got a hold of some dreamtime last year, the ingredients are: Wattle leaf, mullein, and passionflora.

Its incredible stuff, smoke it on top of a bowl of weed and you'll know it, that's for sure!
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