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Dreamwalking: The Creation of Another Life

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I wanted to share an interesting technique that pushes the potential of life to its farther points. I call it Dreamwalking.

If you research the term it can lead you to the idea of entering someones dream/dreams. An interesting idea but not what I am referencing. I am using the term (for now until I come across something better/perfect) as a poetic reference.

What I am calling Dreamwalking is the process of forgetting yourself and assuming the identity (and shape if required for particulars of the experience) of another.

If you think of your identity as the collection of your experiences, the memories and future of your lifestyle, then what will happen if you stop telling yourself that this is you?

You wake up in bed one day and unless you know you were me in my dojo a few minutes ago, then you tell yourself this is who I am. To you, you must have fell asleep before and are now waking up.

If you look at yourself in the mirror and are not aware of the fact that this person looks and acts different then your true self does then this is now who you are.

Ex: Gregory woke up and thought "...I am a little groggy. I kind of like groggy. ....Wait (thinks about if he feels like it does when you have a hangover and thinks maybe it's the hangover he is feeling) did I drink last night?" He realizes he cannot remember and looks at the living room table for a beer bottle. Then his roomate steps out of his room and says what's good man? Want to do a dab? (of course Greg does and he says so) He says, "Of course I do man." His roomate, Tyler, goes and grabs his rig, while Greg thinks, "Tyler should know if I drank last night." then he rethinks and thinks, "Maybe he'll know. I don't know what he did last night and maybe he wasn't around or he could be unaware of me having done so." By this time Tyler is back from his room and readying the rig. Greg asks, "Did I drink last night?" and Tyler says, "Yes, and you took those Zanax."

After the dab rip Tyler leaves the living room and Greg gets to thinking. "Zanax. I guess that is why I am having trouble remembering."... Because Zanax has been said to be able to hinder or stop memory. Something the character Greg would have heard or believe he had heard from his friend.

Now Greg is under the understanding that he drank last night, took some Zanax and passed out on the couch. Something he will continue to believe is his past as long as he is supposed to/given reason to know otherwise.

The Truth of it is I am named Joshua.

Greg is an idea I created to experience life in a different way.

As Joshua I see the world in my way. My past, these memories, my moms name is Trina and when I grew up I became a hero. Something I did in part because for 2 decades, what I saw of the human experience said be a good man.

My stepdad and real dad were not good role models and I dedicated myself to being better then them. I understand they gave me war, and I am now entering peace because of it. I now have another way to love. Having fought and searched for it to give me its rest. While I thank and appreciate them for what I now have because their involvement in my life. I grew to understand a difference must be or everyone and every way of life would be without having a loving childhood.

I needed them to be so that I can offer love its completion, but it cost me a happy home growing up to do so.

Life does not make mistakes and will give you no less then the best.

This Truth is how I understood that they did the right thing.

But what about my childhood?

What about the proper father figure who gives you the right guidance? The kind given to a young man ready and accepting of it.

What about my mom and her telling me it's all right? This, taking the place of the so what I was given. The "Suck it up" or the unsaid "Nothing will be done to help you."

These things are giving me rest, but I once wished it happened another way.

Life does not make mistakes and will give you no less then the best.

I got what I did and it will make my life perfect/the best it can, but I cannot help but understand the other way was worth something.

Now, with Dreamwalking I will experience what I never did.

The Truth about Greg is he was not at home the day before. He did not drink last night, or take Zanax.

I let go of my true self while sitting in my dojo and after I faded away, Greg realised he was waking up.

With this technique I plan to "create" multiple identities. Each with their specific purpose.

I went into detail about my childhood to touch base on life's perfection with the best you can have.

Completion or absolute is what the soul needs to have life be designed for the human being. A Truth unless you want to believe in something less.

I am complete because with war comes peace and without such I can have love in every other way.

But love is so powerful you cannot go without all of it.

If it never gave you peace and rest then there was a part of love you are missing, and this missing piece leaves you without the experience of such.

I walk for miles and rest. The rest being the good from my labor.

This is needed for an identity to be whole.

Who you are being awareness of all love.

If I create another Greg (Or a different name)

Then why start from the couch?

I can use a set of experiences to grow up in a new family setting.

I needed completion to be perfect with love, or to have love/loved perfect.

This created my war.

But what about the love of not having to work as a child to become a war torn guy healing?

I will create a new childhood and live differently.

A life flawed in terms of its viewpoint. It (I) not being able to experience rest because I am not tired. No healing because I do not get hurt.

Greg will know a good home where family protects each other.

At his end (as one way to use the technique) he will remember he is myself, and I with the memories of Greg will know what the other road would have been like.

His life is to be my memories.

My variations to what can be done.

After 45 years as Greg (If that will be his name) (that just being an idea of how long you can be this character) he (I) will remember I (Joshua) went into his dojo and took back his childhood.

I call it Dreamwalking because in a lucid dream you realize your dreaming, and when my characters wake up or realize the "possibility" that they are me, I am living the dream.

It is also because it can happen when I fall asleep.

When their (my) path (variation) ends. I (Joshua) will wake up/become with their experiences as his memories.

I have the best/all the love I can.

All Dreamwalkers will end at me.

It is another experience to add to my completion of life.

It (what I am referring to) is not living someones dreams.

It is being who they are

I am Joshua

You are my creation

The creation of the will to be it all
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