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Dry extraction

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Phalaris aquatica was soaked in a mortar, the juice was filtered and conserved.
To the solid residue were added small amounts of water and naphta (the same quantity as the obtained juice) and the mixture was soaked again.
The third extraction was maked with water.

To the obtained juice containing naphta was added the same volume of kaolin.
During the progressive addition of caolin, the agglomerate exuded almost clean naphtha.

By using ether (is not the better way but for experimental uses can be used), in one hour from the freh plant was obtained less than 0,5% of brownish extract.

During the addition of kaolin was smelled perfume of freshly squeezed olives.

The extract begins to melt from 40°C up. The taste is not bad and the effects from 20 g of plant are light.
skoobysnax said:
Not sure Naptha and Ether fall under eco-friendly?

Sorry. The mentioned extraction with caolin/clay it is.
Naphta and ether were used for obtaining rapid results.

By hardening the clay and heating the ball obtained in ethanol, ethanol and water, oils or other solvents the substances can be extracted selectively.
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