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Dry Ice Limonene Freeze Precip Attempt

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After reading the last post on this thread, SWIM decided what the heck, why not try it out, if it fails, he could just let it return to room temp and salt out the goodies.

He picked up a few pounds of dry ice, performed a normal STB on 70 grams of matter, and placed this on a pyrex dish. He put the pyrex dish in his freezer, on top of a flattened paper bag which held the dry ice.

He checked back after several hours, and the results are shown below.

Any advice on how to retrieve this from the limo?


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SWIM was able to pour most of the limonene off of the top without losing any of the white stuff. He then scrapped all of it together and chopped it up, it became a bit crunchy. The problem is that there is still limonene trapped in the ground up bits, so if it is removed from the low temps, it would just redissolve into the limo and become liquid again.

Another possibility is that the white stuff is just frozen limo, as dry ice is slightly colder than the freezing temp of limo, but SWIM had hoped that two layers of plastic and one layer of paper would decrease the temp.


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It was more of an experiment than anything, dry ice is only a buck a pound, so no big deal if nothing comes of it, but SWIM is starting to think that most of the white stuff is frozen limo, while the yellow material probably contains actives.
Gee this is the first time i have come across this technique. Please post all your results as i'm very fascinated to see how it turns out. You dont know until you try hay 😉

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