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Drytek attempt with Sodium Carbonate and Naphtha on MHRB, tips/opinions welcomed

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Swim will attempt to preform a "drytek" on MHRB, using the controversial sodium carbonate as the base in combination with naphtha as the non-polar.

There is mixed results on the forums on whether or not sodium carbonate is powerful enough to base DMT into naphtha. Some say it works, most say it doesn't.

The drytek is also a controversial/limited method for DMT in general (most would use sodium carbonate/d-limonene/andor acetone if they were doing a dry tek)

I am going to read up tonight and figure out the measurements of everything and then give it a go.

Any tips or opinions on how much sodium carbonate to use, how much water to use to activate it?

I'm planning on using 100g of MHRB and 25g of sodium carbonate and just enough water to activate it, all mixed in a blender on high to create some heat and friction. Not too much water to make it wet. I might throw in some anhydrous magnesium to dry it out even more.

Thoughts? Swims doing this tonight.
So what's the scoop crakk? Very interested in this, success or fail? Was wondering if one could use a dry tek in the Herbal Percolator with good results.
Failure with sodium carbonate.

I think NaOH or KOH would be better options but I haven't tried them.
SWIM uses sodium carbonate all the time with yopo, chacruna, and chaliponga, but never uses naphtha. He uses either d-limonene, DCM, or acetone. He's able to get really good yields. So sodium carbonate is strong enough to freebase the DMT, 5-MeO-DMT and bufotenine found in those plants. But it seems that people extracting from mimosa usually use naphtha. I don’t know why. Naphtha is a horrible solvent. DMT is not very soluble in naphtha, and I believe it needs an extra push to go into the naphtha, so the NaOH is needed for that reason.

If you did a sodium carbonate based dry tech and used DCM instead of naphtha, and used chacruna or chaliponga, I guarantee it will work very well.

SWIM never extracts DMT from mimosa anymore and so he can’t really comment on that plant. He always uses chacruna or chaliponga instead because they’re easier to extract in a Soxhlet. With those, he always uses sodium carbonate and gets fantastic yields, but again, he doesn’t use naphtha.

If you want to use sodium carbonate, you should follow a tech that’s designed for it that’s worked for other people. It seems like a lot of the mimosa naphtha based techs don’t work well with sodium carbonate, but most of the other techs based on DCM, d-limonene, and acetone work well with it.
That's too bad crakk.

Interesting though Ron, is the acetone that one would use to be dried with MgSO4 first or would strait from the can acetone work? The removal of water is mainly to speed up dry time correct? Or when wants to use FASA?
SWIM hardly ever dries his acetone. For most purposes it seems dry enough right out of the can. The only time he dries it is if there’s been water added to it by the tech. SWIM's acetone is 100% acetone according to the MSDS. It's Kleanstrip brand. That’s the best you can get at a cheap price. There’s no water in it. He always distills it before use.
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