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DXM-MT, the full story...


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A while ago i had an experience with DXM and DMT and at first i was hesitant to share it. It was very personal for me to talk in detail about it, but now as some time has passed im ready to share it in detail.

That night i had a couple different DMT experiences while on 210mg DXM. As i said in my post i did the lazerrr(moar-rrrrrs) test while on DMT and had success and that fueled my interest in smoalking the moar.
I had some chill music on while laying infront of the TV which had fantastic fractal geometry playing. The DXM let alone made them very fabulous. When i toked some DMT it was like an artifical blastoff. I opened wide to fully grasp and comprehend the scenery i was looking at and the depth of the video was crazy. My eyes opened wide and my tongue wanted to be let out.

I was sitting infront of the TV like a maniac, yet i felt like a true warrior. I realized this part of the human spirit in that moment. This feeling of being a warrior would become a theme later on aswell.

To describe what i experienced during that moment: It felt like my whole inner field opened up to me. It felt like i was able to inspect all the content with my mind. My emotions held there. Almost like downloading contents out of my personal sphere. It was highly satisfactory. It was a rush of emotion, nothing specific but everything at once - a big release.

This is the exact video i watched.

Boy i tell you is that FUN to watch on psychedelics. Crazy rapidly changing complex patterns. All in symmetry, beautiful color.
I took a couple puffs here n there to reenter that zone and keep the introspection..? extrospection...? up. Whatever you wanna call it. The access of my personal sphere.

There have been three experiences following the first and im unsure in what order they happened. It's not that important either. I start with this one.

Another dose i did threw me into a plane i saw before. I recognized it by the type of pattern of geometry and the feel i had for that space. Quickly the trip started to turn bad. The scenery full of dark blue shimmering tiles turned into a brown mess and it became very uneasy to experience it. It was accompanied by a female voice.... I felt if i would let it go on it would'nt end good for me. What did i do? I laughed it off! I was like "Why would i ever allow someone to do this to myself?!?! I am ME for all sakes!" And that freed me from that moment.

My eyes opened and i sat upright. When i did my surroundings were filled with has to be described as light purple embers, but the embers felt more like sharp needles exploding off myself in symmetry. It was a super liberating moment going out of it and i felt extremely present afterwards. What i saw after was me, the cat, in its own playground. My surroundings felt like super cartoony and i perceived myself as my vehicle, like im sitting in the driver seat of a galactical spaceship, governing myself. I was very CAT the place felt CARTOONY. Almost like i was playing a video game...

What an amazing experience, but the night wasn't over yet.

I decided to go again and took 2 puffs of my ejuice atomzer. With the 210mg DXM i was extra sensitive to DMT. I was already super hyper, joyful and crazy at that point. The trips have been very active.
I entered a known space when entering the space of that trip. The mandala effect with the moving bands, more like ropes, overlaying, undulating and running past and through each other. This time the come up was accompanied by ...my own voice in my head?

It was narrating my own trip. I remember saying: "I fell into her arms...", with "arms" i associated the undulating bent lines i saw on my trip. I saw a woman looking through the mandala down onto me. It felt wrong, it felt like i just entered a Soultrap, or being ensnared in some way. At this point i began to emotionally work against the "trap" and saw the womans face peeling. Strips of flesh came off of her, in a symmetrical way.....it was gruesome and not for the faint of heart..... the scenery switched as my emotion rose and i blasted off!

When the "fight" was gone i entered a scene that was hard to describe. It felt like i elevated outwards and saw my light form. Or was it me? Hard to tell. I fully entered this scene aswell i was unaware of my body, like being completely blind, though i still moved.

I felt like a tiger. To my right i saw a projection of this tiger-like face i associated with myself. To my left dangled circles of some sort. Like jewelry. When i moved this projection seemed to sit loosely ontop of me, very dynamic but clinging onto me. Again i made my warrior face but this time it was more intense. I didnt feel like i discovered the warrior side of human but i realized OH! I am this exact warrior of light. This tiger like entity.

I had a very japanese vibe to myself and also saw Kanji to my left side, like a tattoo. The sphere i was in was dark and there was nothing but me. The feeling i had was, that i've been cruising in it. Showing myself off. Yet also felt a bit imprisoned. It's still hard what to make of it. I gained lots of confidence during it. I realized: Oh, this is a model of myself. This is possible. Wow. Im really cool.

Ok Ok so this has been alot and it has been soooo fun all this time. It was a glorious night.
Thats when i decided to go AGAIN and when i did i was like: Alright. Im taking one more.
Before i was able to grasp what was happening i.... broke through. It has been a couple weeks and i cant recall alot but the essence of it.

When my mind opened like never before the scene was so strong i... just ... was that scenery. I was the trip. The whole thing.
When i first zoomed out i saw statues. I passed them. These 3 statues were holding their hands in the air but didn't move a bit, although they had a presence of agency to them. Almost like they held up the sky or something.

They felt like the gatekeeperes between the mortal and spirit realm. What came after.... i cant comprehend. I experienced my mind. Lots on insight was pushed through myself. I was shown alot of myself but its all to abstract to really put into words, though the trip has been accompanied with verbal communication the whole time. The space i was in had lots of turqoise and light green "cells" with orange accent.

I was "there" for a while and got my fix. At some point i realized im being drawn back, went past the statues again and for the first time experienced the "being compressed" into my head, and as my head closed the voices said, right as my head closed, "and its all for you".

It hit me like nothing else in my life. This life. Is all for me. What i have is just for me. Theres no way around it. I have been gifted infinity.

I.... cant put it in words what i felt. Someone in chat hit the nail on the head, that I, for the first time "fully realized myself".

To this day i still cant fully comprehend the impact of this, as im not able to experience it as a whole in day to day life. It has been a blessing to gain this insight.

I hope you enjoyed my report.
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