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E-Vaping CBD Wax with Spice Sprinkled On?

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So I've been trying to figure out an efficient method to be able to vaporize spice out of a standard electronic cannabis wax pen. I have read posts where other people say they either sprinkle it on the coil(s) or they mix in the spice with their cannabis wax. Unfortunately, with a lot of the coils on the market it's hard to really get the spice situated on there well as obviously they are not made for powder.

The other thing is, I want to experience a clean spice journey without the altering effects of cannabis if I were to use wax as a vehicle for the spice. Then it occurred to me that because CBD is non-psychoactive and readily available, I could easily acquire that and use it as a vehicle for getting my spice in there and having a clean journey.

From what I gather, the boiling points of the primary cannabinoids and freebase spice are very similar:

Cannabinoids: 155C to 190C
Spice: 150C to 180C

Which means that a standard wax pen at a low heat/wattage setting should be right in the temperature range needed to vaporize, but not burn off, the spice.

Has anyone tried this?
i'm really interested in how this works out for you;
please keep me/us posted!
the only downside i can foresee is with the addition of the CBD wax, there's more material, probably making it necessary to take more hits than with spice alone. not a "problem" but something to consider.
Which means that a standard wax pen at a low heat/wattage setting

MHO: certainly low heat. But with low wattage, you will probably not be able to evaporate your spice dosage in the needed short amount of time (especially if there is additionally CBD to evap).
I tried this twice with no success unfortunately. CBD, especially as wax takes a while to evaporate. A lot of my DMT just melted into the wax. Medium visuals only. I get like 30-60s max with DMT. If I go beyond that it's hard to hold anything in my hands.

Let us know how you get on with this though :)
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