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TEK Easy Pan cyan grow TEK: No humidifier, no fan, no tent, no timers. Unmodified tote grow!

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Hi All,

Sharing this Pan cyan tek just put out by psilo mushroom grower Gordo...Gordo has personally been very helpful to my growing game when it comes to Pan cyan, in both freely putting out great and clear 'how to' information and through direct advice, as well as generously sharing great Pan cyan genetics. On his advice I setup a largely automated Martha greenhouse which was definitely a step up for me when it came to fruiting this species - which has a reputation of being a trickier species to fruit than P. cubensis, being a bit fussier in its ideal environmental fruiting conditions. With this in mind I thought I would share this new Pan cyan TEK that he is put out, which he refers to as the Easiest Pan Cyan Grow TEK: No humidifier, no fan, no tent, no timers. Unmodified tote grow! The TEK includes a brief video walk-through, and a written guide. It offers a simplified and stripped down approach to growing Pan cyan (which dispenses with much of the kit one usually associates with a Pan cyan fruiting setup)...this may appeal to those who would like to grow this wonderful species (definitely worth it, IMO), but have been put off by how fiddly and challenging it seems.

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