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Edible Mix Ideas

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SWIM has been making entheogen infused cannabis butter for a friend of mine as a side project and have been getting some pretty interesting results. the reason for this is she cant stand the taste of entheogens but knows she can benifit greatly from them so was wanting Swim to make something tasty that would still be effective. Cannabis has a very strong taste and is something she regularly uses.
I was wondering if anyone had any input on some interesting recipes for this project. The recipe for the butter last night was:

-4oz Cannabis Leaf
-2.5oz Intoxicating Mint
-20gs mugwort
-12oz of organic butter

A recipe used a few months ago was

-2 oz Cannabis flowers
-2 oz Calea Zacatachichi
-1 oz Wild Dagga Flowers
-12oz of organic butter

( i started with less intense entheogens so she could work her way up mentally. start with slight intoxication and by the end of it start making her some mind blowing ones
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