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elf/alien hybrid appeared in my dreams

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Hi there, I was dreaming lastnight and I thought about an elf/alien and then it suddenly appeared, in a very dmt like fashion
from a small googley eyed proto-liquid-elf (oddly, only a single one) like you see in hoards on a full blown trip, and gradually grew bigger and bigger until it occupied a large space, and I could see it clearly. It stood next to my bed, grey, about half my height, BIG huge eyes, cute, smiling with one hand slightly over its mouth as if to say 'tee hee!' it was pretty freaky though. I couldn't move my eyes from its location, i couldn't look away. It looked like a hybrid between an elf of the type you see in DMT (sort of like a furby but with bigger eyes and made of clear smooth fractalness) and a grey, or zeta as they call them. (typical tall thin white guys with big black eyes.)

it was very freaky.

I haven't smoked any dmt since about 3- 4 months ago. but me and some friends shared a joint at the weekend with like... the tiniest amount inside. didn't even get anything off it , just a taste. then a wee flashback :)

its odd, i really like when that happens.

it appeared exactly in the same way as a dmt trip starts, but from within a dream; same smooth yet stepped unfolding motion.
they ROCKED too btw... and all I could look at from behind them was her beautiful, beautiful butt...
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