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Embarking upon an epic journey along the west coast of US

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Looking for the most astonishing natural beauty from Vancouver to Mexicali. Plan to move with the season, with my passport, and hit AZ or New Mexico as it gets colder and then fly to somewhere exotic out of the country like Thailand or Peru or something. Very open to any suggested locations in the area to post up. I'm just me, with a 40L backpack and some camping gear. OM namah sivaya
I found the karst mountains in lao very impressive - floating down the river next to these majestic stone formations was super cool. Also exploring some caves near vang vieng. Quite a bit scary since they don't care if you die or live :)

The countryside in Lao must be very beautiful but moving around freely isn't possible because of the bombs. taking the old road from luang prabang back to vientinne was breathtaking.

But then i always got the feeling that you are unwanted in lao.

A ton of people i met loved to take a motorbike and drive through vietnam.
The countryside in northern thailand is also quite beautiful even though i only know it from the train and daytrips. Some people swear by some kind of hippie village called pai - not longer a secret but have not been there.

Wishing you a good time :)
Just curious how do you afford to do this. I get it 40l pack pretty minimal, but then you mentioned flying out...

How do you Afford the flights and other expenses?
A few years ago I spent the winter in Northern Thailand with some field trips to Laos. I was spending 100 bucks a month for a room with AC and Wifi. A meal on the street is a buck. I met a lot of American seniors that can not live on SS income in the US but it is more than adequate over in SE Asia.

I also met some Canadien hippies that worked construction in Can in the summer and spent the winter in SE Asia. Depending on your entertainment needs you can live from 500 bucks a month to the sky is the limit.
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