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Emergency Help ASAP Please!!!

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SWIM is currently cooking 1lb MHRB in a crockpot. She went to drain it off, but just tilting the lid of the crockpot doesn't work. The grain of the powder is too fine, all of it is a huge mess. She just added aprox. another quart of acidified H2O (+acetic acid), to try to give a little more to work with. Can She use a cloth of some sort to filter this? T-shirt maybe? Or does that catch the spice also?

Hopefully somebody is awake!?
A coffee filter is best if the powder isn’t too fine. A t-shirt or handkerchief works great as a filter. It won’t catch the spice. The spice will go right through it.

She will try coffee filters, if She can get some help. If not, cloth. She's had it on for 6hrs, because the consistency is way off,She haven't drained it, just progressively added more acid water. She has a container w/a little bark in it, it's settling down pretty well, I expect that if I give it another hour and filter I'll have what I want. Will update, peas!
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