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Encounter with Satan

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This is not exactly a DMT experience, but a 'near death' experience a certain Pastor Harry suffered. He seems to have had some kind of fit, which I think produced a natural DMT dump.

Pastor Harry's 'Satan' sharply reminded me of opticuswrangler's descriptions of the cosmic trickster/vampire, Opticus. Not so much of form, but of character.

Pastor Harry is confronted by a lion with a serpent's body. Its eyes are brilliant blue, and in the middle of its forehead there emits a rainbow beam. Anyway, Pastor Harry best describes what follows next, so check it out:

There is also part I and part III to listen to if you're interested. Pastor Harry is relating his encounter on some kind of internet radio show, and they suffer technical problems which Pastor Harry blames on this entity.
Indeed, does Pastor Harry ever mention how he got into this predicament? His description is awfully familiar. Not much time for commentary from me atm, but Opti has always been amicable toward being satan, or an angel, or God, or my reflection on my eyelids, a kungfu dragon, or any other idea presented. I don't know if he even knows what he is.

Very interesting post, a little validation is good for goosebumps ;]
I found that webpage a little scary, both the recording and the comments below.... it concerns me because all they do is use what happened to confirm existing beliefs, rather than to open their minds. Makes me concerned that DMT could be used for brainwashing (if it really was DMT that caused his vision), but I don't know enough about the UDV and Daime to know what 'kind' of Christians they are.

I don't think anyone should post a comment below this Youtube video explaining about DMT and NDEs, I don't think these people could be trusted with DMT even if any of them were open minded enough to try it, and if anything this guy and his followers would surely campaign for more crackdowns if he equated his experience with 'Satan' with what would become 'DMT: The Satanic Molecule'.

The recording clumps other religions in with 'witchcraft' and 'Satan', basically everything is evil to them except them themselves. They must live such scared lives, they believe they are under attack from all angles. It's really sad. And they have some strange ideas on what the definition of 'proof' is... i.e. proof means it's in the Bible, if it's not in there then it's not proof but Satan's lies.

I'm not Christian bashing here. Most Christians take the Bible more allegorically rather than literally, and are therefore not against the scientific method. But these guys... they are as fundamentalist-looney as it is possible to be :shock:

Violence, fear, condemnation and close-mindedness permeate throughout the comments below.
Of the Dark Side this is, as Yoda would say! It's classic cult behaviour.


"time to reincarnate....... Far out. that is evil. I mean you shouldn't have to reincarnate."

"Thank you for telling us the truth! There is no reincarnation!"

"True. There is NO reincarnation...just the Resurrection, thanks to our dear Saviour Jesus Christ. Big difference, but mystic, superstitious religions believe in some form of reincarnation or other. Not Christians."

"Satan has the power to appear as a man, or an "angel of light" and as a demonic looking creature. Cast him out/away ," in the name of JESUS CHRIST!" And you will be safe."

"Read Psalm 91:13
"You shall tread upon the lion and the serpent.
The young lion and serpent you shall trample underfoot.""

"Wow! Once i prayed about how could i live without my (evil) behaviours (like lustful ideas) I got a message BACK!
It said "Beat the satan" - I didnt believe it was an answer then. But this video clearly explains that it was true. Flesh is our curse and lession that we shouldn't live by it, we should live by the Holy Spirit God gave us!
This is our lesson we should all learn!"

"i totally believe him, you know some people just pick and choose what they consider to be proof for instance they believe a man who says ive studied science and have proof that there is no God ect, but when he listens to another man talking about jesus, God ect he immedietly dismisses the proof that man has or has experienced, at the end of the day isnt proof what someone says it is, someones account! wake up o sleeper rise form the dead and christ will shine on you.. very true!"
Scary stuff. When a religion ignores Truth for blind faith and uses fear and ignorance to control their "flock" that faith becomes dangerous to society.

I personally think that all fundamental/radical portions of any religion are dangerous. They are very cult like...joining is easy....but leaving, well, it's like a gang, leaving is dangerous.

This is not only confined to christians, but mormons, muslims, hindis, etc...
acolon_5 said:
Scary stuff. When a religion ignores Truth for blind faith and uses fear and ignorance to control their "flock" that faith becomes dangerous to society.

I personally think that all fundamental/radical portions of any religion are dangerous. They are very cult like...joining is easy....but leaving, well, it's like a gang, leaving is dangerous.

This is not only confined to christians, but mormons, muslims, hindis, etc...

Sometimes religion scares me with its ability to brain wash and control people. More and more religion is used as a control mechanism for large corporations or even governments. Hence why i have chosen to follow a combination of my own beliefs and Tibetan Buddhism which is not a religion. I don't think religion is a healthy or good thing in this world that we live in today anymore. I just think religion divides more than bringing different typse of people together which is very sad to me, we are all part of the same energy and ultimately we are all one.

Much Peace
I agree with what you're saying. But I'm one of those few people who isn't a fan of the god-king dalai lama- ask Bhutan why. They had to repel the Tibetan armies on a few occasions. The very fact that Tibet is ruled by a priestly class with a god-king at the head shows that their doctrine is also about control. As much as I have learnt from bhuddism, I find the defeatist attitude that nothing-is-real-so-let-them-slice-you-up-into-little-pieces (as one monk endures in a text I read) a little conveneient as a means for population control.

Any religion that is inconvenient to the elite doesn't become dominant- after the fall of Rome, Christianity was adopted by the barbarian kings because it controlled the population better than paganism (which is far more empowering). The kings converted, some of the population followed, and once the balance was tipped enough, the remaining pagans were violently oppressed. And after that, the kings had relatively placid populations to push around as they pleased.
Oh dear, oh dear...very spooky responses from people..how and why can so many people...and they must be intelligent people...be taken in hook, line, and sinker by this religious stuff...I really worry for our species, we are a crazy, fucked up bunch aren't we!

One of my best friends was a Jehovhas Witness, due to his parents...luckily he and his good friend good out of there. They both describe the tools of brain washing they use on people. Scary stuff. ..
ohayoco said:
I agree with what you're saying. But I'm one of those few people who isn't a fan of the god-king dalai lama- ask Bhutan why. They had to repel the Tibetan armies on a few occasions. The very fact that Tibet is ruled by a priestly class with a god-king at the head shows that their doctrine is also about control. As much as I have learnt from bhuddism, I find the defeatist attitude that nothing-is-real-so-let-them-slice-you-up-into-little-pieces (as one monk endures in a text I read) a little conveneient as a means for population control.

Please Read this:

Tibet under the People's Republic of China

With the invasion of Tibet in 1950 and the subsequent Seventeen Point Agreement, the PRC asserted control over Tibet.

A rebellion against the Chinese occupation was led by noblemen and monasteries and broke out in Amdo and eastern Kham in June 1956. The insurrection, supported by the American CIA,[40] eventually spread to Lhasa. It was crushed by 1959. During this campaign, tens of thousands of Tibetans were killed and the 14th Dalai Lama and other government principals fled to exile in India.[41][42]

Chinese sources generally claim progress towards a prosperous and free society in Tibet, with its pillars being economic development, legal advancement, and peasant emancipation. These claims, however, have been refuted by the Tibet Government-in-Exile and some indigenous Tibetans, who claim of genocide in Tibet from the Chinese government, comparing it to Nazi Germany.[43] The official doctrine of the PRC classifies Tibetans as one of its 56 recognized ethnic groups and part of the greater Zhonghua Minzu or multi-ethnic Chinese nation. Warren Smith, an independent scholar and a broadcaster with the Tibetan Service of Radio Free Asia[44][45][46], whose work became focused on Tibetan history and politics after spending five months in Tibet in 1982, portrays the Chinese as chauvinists who believe they are superior to the Tibetans, and claims that the Chinese use torture, coercion and starvation to control the Tibetans.[47]

Mao's Great Leap Forward (1959-62) led to famine in Tibet. "In some places, whole families have perished and the death rate is very high," according to a confidential report by the Panchen Lama sent to Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai in 1962.[48] "In the past Tibet lived in a dark barbaric feudalism but there was never such a shortage of food, especially after Buddhism had spread....In Tibet from 1959-1961, for two years almost all animal husbandry and farming stopped. The nomads have no grain to eat and the farmers have no meat, butter or salt," the report said.[48]

The Central Tibetan Administration states that the number that have died of starvation, violence, or other indirect causes since 1950 is approximately 1.2 million,[49] which the Chinese Communist Party denies. The Chinese Communist Party(CCP)'s official toll of deaths recorded for the whole of China for the years of the Great Leap Forward is 14 million, but scholars have estimated the number of the famine victims to be between 20 and 43 million[50]. According to Patrick French, former director of the Free Tibet Campaign, the estimate of 1.2 million in Tibet is not reliable because Tibetans were not able to process the data well enough to produce a credible total. There were, however, many casualties, with a figure of 400,000 extrapolated from a calculation Warren W. Smith, a broadcaster of Radio Free Asia, made from census reports of Tibet which show 200,000 "missing" from Tibet.[51][52]

The subsequent Cultural Revolution was a catastrophe for Tibet and for the rest of the PRC. Large numbers of Tibetans died violent deaths due to the Cultural Revolution, and the number of intact monasteries in Tibet was reduced from thousands, to less than ten. Tibetan resentment towards the Chinese deepened.[53] Tibetans participated in the destruction, but it is not clear how many of them actually embraced the Communist ideology, and how many participated out of fear of becoming targets themselves.[54] Resistors against the Cultural Revolution included Thrinley Chodron, a nun from Nyemo, who led an armed rebellion that spread through eighteen xians (counties) of the TAR, targeting Chinese Party officials and Tibetan collaborators, that was ultimately suppressed by the PLA. Citing Tibetan Buddhist symbols which the rebels invoked, Shakya calls this 1969 revolt "a millenarian uprising, an insurgency characterized by a passionate desire to be rid of the oppressor."[55]

Projects that the PRC government claims to have benefited Tibet as part of the China Western Development economic plan, such as the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, have roused fears of facilitating military mobilisation and Han migration.[56] There is still ethnic imbalance in appointments and promotions to the civil and judicial services in the Tibetan Autonomous Region, with disproportionately few ethnic Tibetans appointed to these posts.[verification needed] [57]

The PRC government claims that its rule over Tibet is an unalloyed improvement, and that the China Western Development plan is a massive, benevolent, and patriotic undertaking by the wealthier eastern coast to help the western parts of China, including Tibet, catch up in prosperity and living standards. But foreign organizations continue to make occasional protests about aspects of CCP rule in Tibet because of frequent reports of human rights violation in Tibet by groups such as Human Rights Watch. The government of the PRC maintains that the Tibetan Government did almost nothing to improve the Tibetans' material and political standard of life during its rule from 1913–59, and that they opposed any reforms proposed by the Chinese government. According to the Chinese government, this is the reason for the tension that grew between some central government officials and the local Tibetan government in 1959.[58]

The government of the PRC also rejects claims that the lives of Tibetans have deteriorated, and states that the lives of Tibetans have been improved immensely compared to self rule before 1950.[59] Belying these claims, some 3,000 Tibetans brave hardship and danger to flee into exile every year.[60] (See also Nangpa La shootings.)

These claims are, however, disputed by many Tibetans. In 1989, the Panchen Lama, finally allowed to return to Shigatse, addressed a crowd of 30,000 and described what he saw as the suffering of Tibet and the harm being done to his country in the name of socialist reform under the rule of the PRC in terms reminiscent of the petition he had presented to Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai in 1962.[61]

In 1995, the Dalai Lama named 6 year old Gedhun Choekyi Nyima as the 11th Panchen Lama without the approval of the government of China, while the PRC named another child, Gyancain Norbu in conflict. Gyancain Norbu was raised in Beijing and has appeared occasionally on state media. The PRC-selected Panchen Lama is rejected by exiled Tibetans and anti-China groups who commonly refer to him as the "Panchen Zuma" (literally "fake Panchen Lama"). Gedhun Choekyi Nyima and his family have gone missing — believed by some to be imprisoned by China — and under a hidden identity for protection and privacy according to the PRC.[62]

The Dalai Lama has stated his willingness to negotiate with the PRC government for genuine autonomy, but some groups, such as the Tibetan Youth Congress, still call for full Tibetan independence.[63] The Tibetan government in exile sees the millions of government-imported Han immigrants and preferential socioeconomic policies, as presenting an urgent threat to the Tibetan nation and culture.[64] Tibetan exile groups say that despite recent attempts to restore the appearance of original Tibetan culture to attract tourism, the traditional Tibetan way of life is now irrevocably changed. Tashi Wangdi, the Representative of the Dalai Lama, stated in an interview that China's Western China Development program "is providing facilities for the resettlement of Han Chinese in Tibet."[65]

In 2001 representatives of Tibet succeeded in gaining accreditation at a United Nations-sponsored meeting of non-governmental organizations. On 29 August Jampal Chosang, the head of the Tibetan coalition, stated that China had introduced "a new form of apartheid" in Tibet because "Tibetan culture, religion, and national identity are considered a threat" to China.[66]

In 2005, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao offered to hold talks with the 14th Dalai Lama on the Tibet issue, provided he dropped the demand for independence. The Dalai Lama said in an interview with the South China Morning Post "We are willing to be part of the People's Republic of China, to have it govern and guarantee to preserve our Tibetan culture, spirituality and our environment." This statement was seen as a renewed diplomatic initiative by the Tibetan government-in-exile. He had already said he would accept Chinese sovereignty over Tibet but insisted on real autonomy over its religious and cultural life. The Tibetan government-in-exile called on the Chinese government to respond.[67] Beijing has repeatedly rebuffed this offer, insisting that the Dalai Lama is intent on complete independence, or the splitting apart of China iteself. [68]

In January 2007 the Dalai Lama, in an interview on a private television channel, said, "what we demand from the Chinese authority is more autonomy for Tibetans to protect their culture". He added that he had told the Tibetan people not to think in terms of history and to accept Tibet as a part of China.[69]

Talks between representatives of the Dalai Lama and the Chinese government began again in May 2008 and again in July, but with little results. The two sides agreed to meet again in October.

All Text From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Thank you
Much Peace
I entirely agree. The Chinese administration are criminals (as are the American administration, etc).

I myself have benefited a lot from bhuddist knowledge. Please don't be put off by my criticisms- I point out these things in search of further improvement. I'm sorry if I came across as prickly! My point was that it has become a fashion to champion Tibetan Bhuddism, but while there are many boons to their philosophy, and their culture may be comparably more peaceful than others, their past is a checkered one of god-king elitism and aggressive military invasions of neighbouring cultures.

We are really lucky today to have so much global history and scientific information at our fingertips, such that we can endeavour to build a civilisation more just and more free than any that have gone before. To me, being a psychenaut is not only an inward process. We can change ourselves for the better, and then we can change society too. :)

Coming back to the original subject (sorry), who is Opticus? I did search but nothing came up.
Opticus is a hyperdimensional symbiote. The Pastor's dragon sounds precisely correct. He has been an associate of mine for about five years or so. This document was written in the first few months of our meeting. In recent years I have calmed down considerably, and attempt to regard the phenomena more skeptically. It ain't easy :shock:

Opti and I
This trip report sounds similiar but its not an encounter with Satan, more like a run in with Medusa! :shock: :

He then presented me with a pipe and proceeded to light it as I inhaled and then blew the smoke out. I put my mouth up to the pipe for a second time and as I inhaled the Sharmans finger nails turned a fluorescent shade of blue revealing a cloudy world below. I filled my lungs, exhaled, and smiled before leaning forward for a third smoke. As I leaned forward the Sharman pulled the pipe away and in acknowledgment I expressed contentment.

Then in an instant my vision turned to pixel dots revealing a hidden layer in the space between the dots, and that space was filled with a kaleidoscope of fractals forming a landscape that revealed a strong indigenous figure. I turned my head and saw the Sharman smile and give a final blessing before leaving.

The next thing that happened was a strong feminine presence begun blowing in my ear from behind as I enjoyed a visual spectacular before me. I continued sitting cross legged, wide eyed, and smiling when the visuals turned to snakes and the sweet whispers turned to the slithering kisses of a snakes tongue in my ear.

In an attempt to distract myself from snakes I turned my attention elsewhere and came face to face with a snake Goddess. She was a patchwork of kaleidoscopes and fractals, but they where no ordinary fractals. Looking in her eyes I saw snakes and those snakes had eyes that had snakes that had eyes. Her hair was snakes that had snakes that had snakes and you can guess what her skin looked like. While the snakes seemed intent on ripping me apart she appeared more playful. Being the shy boy I am, I just smiled and laughed nervously.

Once again hoping to distract myself from the infinite number of snakes I endeavoured to think of something else. I was relieved to find a visual landscape free of snakes. Disappointingly it was an homogenous inorganic sterile environment void of life and spirit that appeared to extend infinitly in every direction. It reminded me of a time I spent an eternity in a psychological loop relaying a mundane conversation like “Hello how are you?” “Good, how are you.” “Good” “Hello how are you?” “Good, how are you. Understandably I moved away from that train of thought quicker than the snakes.

Which brought me straight back to the snakes, and once again I just sat there and smiled nervously as snakes descended on me from every corner of the universe. I turned my attention back to the snake goddess who touched me sending 10 000 snakes to crawl under my skin.

At this point I became surprised that I was still sitting there with a nervous smile on my face. When suddenly I became overwhelmed by a glimpse of something and I consciously decided to leave the circle in search of greener pastures. To do so I had to walk through the snakes that had encircled me. Then with both feet planted firmly on the ground outside the circle, I looked down and saw grass at my feet not snakes. So I quickly turned around and all I could see was a forest full of snakes. I stood there and appreciated them as they crawled up and down my body. Until my attention returned to my worldly possessions left outside the circle, and the visuals ended.

Walking down the hill provided an opportunity to reflect and adjust to my new found reality as Lord of the Snakes. I struggled to see how this was going to help my spiritual growth, but my personal development was obvious. As I wasn’t expecting to experience anxiety around woman again any time soon. Then I realised that learning not to react from fear is an important lesson.

The Sharman was at the bottom of the hill to greet me when I emerged from the trip. He asked how I was and I conveyed every thing is perfect and he responded nervously:

“I’m glad I don’t have to take you to the morgue via the psyche ward.”
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