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End of the World Anniversary SHE


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Late notice, I know, but, as we know, last year on this day, December 21, 2012, half the world ascended to glory, being raptured away, while the rest of us died a horrible death.

So, if you are reading this, you are dead, as am I. Sucks that death seems exactly like life, but we'll leave that for the suits in Washington to sort out.......

So. A SHE tonight in honor of our glorious Armageddon. Come on, heathens and sinners! Join me in the hell realms tonight for a dance with the molecule.
Well. Turns out it's not a bad thing that I had no takers for a SHE. I myself didn't even go.......I had planned on it, had the pharma dose measured and ready since yesterday..........but at the last minute I decided, via intuition, that tonight wasn't the best night to travel......

Always listen to your intuition! Big rainstorm tonight, and I live in the basement ........... Right about the time pharma would be hitting me pretty hard, a waterfall of water started pouring onto my bed and I had to scramble and move my mattress and put my purge bucket, luckily always by the bed, to catch that cascading rainwater. It sucked big old fat, sweaty donkey balls stone cold sober.......would've sucked to the millionth power if I'd been tripping........

Sigh. Now I'm on flood watch..........

Though, speaking of intuition, as soon as the rain started, I looked right at the spot that water would soon be pouring down from and knew, just Knew, something was going to happen. There has never been a leak in this particular spot before.

Intuition is your friend.
Inuition always guides me like that...in too many ways. It almost becomes freaky, except for the fact that I've gotten used to it.

Like it happens ALL the time. Oh well, here's to a life of SYNCHRONICITY.

O _ O
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