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enhanced leaf trip

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Wow... I know this trip was mild but I'm still blown away by it.

Not so much from the experience itself but the intensity and how powerful spice is.

I had made enhanced leaf 1 past DMT 2 parts Mullein.

I smoked 75mg of the leaf through a small bong, first hit was big, I tried to hold it but coughed it up. I took another big much smoother hit.

As I was taking this second hit, I was thinking "holy sh*t" the room looked computer generated and my friend who was lighting the bong looked 10 foot tall. I held it in for as long as possible. There was another small hit left in the pipe but i didn't take it.

I lay back with my eyes closed, seen amazing patterns and colours. Mostly greens and white, it was almost like a bald faceless green man reaching out to me from the swirling patterns. The body sensation at this point was rushing. It was very intense at this point, I fought back though.

I opened my eyes, shot up from the seat and took a drink. Then I sat back down. For around a minute I didn't enjoy this part, I felt my t-shirt tight on my stomach from the way i was sitting. I don't struggle from weight issues at all. But I am very self critical about my body, I've been wanting to cut back belly fat for so long. For this minute the feeling of this was magnified 100x. I didn't enjoy it.

I closed my eyes again and started zoning into the CEV's. The bad self conscious feeling before completely disappeared, I could finally relax to enjoy the visuals and the body sensation.

I was sitting with a big smile on my face at this point, it was a lot twisted pillars with depth behind them.. At times I could see a realistic woman's face it was faded and dark. It wasn't directly in front of me either, it was like seeing it out the corner of me eye. I also seen what looked like an old school paper boy... ? but it looked like the image had my projected from a light onto a wall. This was also like seeing it at the corner of my eye. There was no detail in this, just the outline of what looked like an old school paper wearing a hat, if this makes sense..

I kept my eyes shut the rest of the time, the visuals faded away with dancing patterns as the music played in the background.

I was still smiling when I opened my eyes.

It was mild for DMT i think, but also quite intense at times. There are things I will do differently next time also. I shouldn't have opened my eyes and got up. I think if I hadn't done this the experience would have been totally different.

I messed up with the cough and should have taken that last small hit as well.

I still have a fair amount of my 1:2 enhanced leaf left over, and I currently have a 1:1 mix steeping in acetone right now.

Think I'll take a week or two off then try out the 1:1 mix :thumb_up:

P.s. this my first proper DMT experience
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