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..Enough GOO questions! read this..

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..in the 90s when the DMT extraction world was a little fresher, and more guided by experienced chemists, there was no obsession with the end-product being crystals..

in the ordinary world of phytochemical extraction, a simple A/B or STB as done by most nexians, would be said to result in the CRUDE ALKALOIDS..
crystalization requires either re-crystalization (up to several times) and/or separation of compounds in some cases..

BUT, the crude alkaloid is perfectly OK (if were talking mainly tryptamines/betacarbolines) and FINE..perhaps less convenient to handle, but most goo is mostly DMT..

the very first set of instructions i ever read for extracting DMT from plants (in Psychedelic Illuminations magazine) in 1991 said that, after evaporating the non-polar solvent, the resulting SOLID OR OIL is the DMT..

people need to get this imbedded in the psyche and save themselves a lot of un-needed worry, or worse still waste of perfectly good plant alkaloids..

in the Acacia Analysis Thread you will see an example of how a goo/paste is actually over 92% DMT..
[see image attached below]

remaining an oil form is due to either small amounts of beta-carbolines and/or NMT..
often such 'oils' will soldify eventually after a couple of weeks..

so, unless you like meticulous, fiddly lab techniques, just enjoy what the plants give you..sometimes you get crystals..
just be sure it's a species known to have had DMT demonstrated in it..

below 92%+ DMT with small amount NMT, betacarbolines and traces..


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Im my very little extracting experience I realized the same but I noticed that when there are small amounts of oxide present it will form a paste, goo or solid yellow but soft scrappings. If I treat it with zinc for reduction it all turns to white fluffy stuff but I noticed that the waxes and soft yellow solids give me a better experience.
Thanks for the clarification. I think people with limited experience including yours truly are enamored with pictures of beautiful crystals on this website that they freak out when their pulls come out goo-ey.
my favorite smoke is a blood-red goop.

crystals are pretty to look at, but it all gets turned to vapor anyways, so does it really matter?

especially if you are making changa, cleaning the goop seems very silly to me.
yeah I never really bothered to crystalize DMT..not for a few years other than the odd time it just happens like when I got oily crystals from chaliponga with iso etc..

With mimosa I prefer the blood red/orange stuff that sunflower oil pulls.

..it's hard to snuff a goo though..and I do like to snuff DMT/beta carboline mixes...so sometimes I use full spectrum fumarates.
nen888 said:
..interesting jamie..
DeMenTed said:
The best smoke ive had was crystallised orange goo, tasted amazing and sent me very deep!
..once upon a time orange wax was the stuff of legend!
i have so much drippy orange goo now! my only problem is handling it. i've been filling up all my zacatechichi leaf bowls with the iso clean ups of the bottom of my collection jars and i have a ton of that leaf soaked with various kinds of dmt.

But what i'm hoping is if anybody knows what can be added to the acacia goo balls to make them less sticky so as to weigh and cut and smoked. FOr instance i had the cactus tar ball and added diotomatious earth and it rolled up just fine. Does anybody know what can be added to these super sticky/melty goo balls to make them manageable and then still smokeable?

*Ok i just figured out how to keep rolling this stuff to get it into the gvg. Also to weigh it i just zero out the scale with the razor blade, then add it with the goo... all i can say is WOW!!!! it's more like an aya trip. full spectrum. very nice. i'm thinking of mixing the two, goo + crystals for the whole burrito.
mailorderdiety said:
i have so much drippy orange goo now! my only problem is handling it.
i have found the easiest/best way to handle goo is to dissolve and evaporate it in a solvent(doesn't matter which). its much easier to deal with the solution than the goo.

to weigh it, simply weigh a light container, then pour your dissolved goo in and re-evap it. weigh that container with the goo in it, and just subtract the weight of the container.

you can scrape with a knife for quick transfer, but i highly recommend making changa/infused leaf, as it is much easier to handle.

anything you add in to make it less sticky will affect the weight.
One of my friends has an oil rig for smoking herbal oils, which he DABS into his oil rig. I am reading up on acacia extractions, which commonly result in goo, and I was wondering if the oil rig and vaporization of the goo would be an effective form of administrations? Any comments?
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