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Entering the Nexus

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Hello there Nexus,

Finally I made my way in here, I´ve been lurking quite a lot and find this to be an awesome place with lots and lots of interesting and awesome people around.

I recently moved into a big city, which was quite exiting since I came from a smaller region prior. I´m studying social pedagogics, so if anyone has any interest in some of these themes feel free to shoot me a PM :)

I also have a range of experience with different drugs and know my fare share about them trough researching a lot. Not that I wasn´t interested in other things aswell, I love getting into something fascinating and researching the hell out of it at times, but I think there´s so damn much to explore drug wise and how we can make these things benefit us, that that´s gotten to a hobby of mine pretty much. I tried to spread the word to everyone how it is possible to not just ABUSE but to USE drugs and other substances in general.

I came here to have some interesting conversation with you folks and to get some teaching here and there. I`ve had some experience with extracting alkaloids in the past, only possible trough the help of this side <3, and have lots of ideas I´d really love to share here with you. Also the psychedlic experience in general is a theme that I can never imagine getting boring, and I love the maturity and kindness that is present with many members here.
One thing that´s especially on my mind, and It´d be great if someone familiar with the subject could already answer me in this welcome post, would the subject of how to take drugs after an Iboga flood.

There´s really no need to answer this now, I don´t intend to do the flood for a good 1 or 2 months from now, so you may just skip this part and I´ll ask again when I have full membership.

Recently I purchased 4g of high quality Iboga TA and don´t plan on taking it anytime soon, cause it seems like a giant commitment. One thing I was wondering was, Is it advised/wise/allowed to take drugs post flood?

Not regarding MDMA or other serotogenics here, I know there´s terrible potential for bad interaction here, but for example Kratom, Weed, LSA/D, Shrooms, MXE/ Ketamine..
Or Nootropics, I like to use 300mg L- Theanine and 20mg of Noopept 2 times a day to pick me up, hows that combined with the post flood feelings?

I´ve heard so much about people messing up the post iboga afterglow by taking drugs that I´d really not want to take that chance. I much rather feel awesome all the time and not mess it up by taking some shitty kratom ( kratom isn´t shitty at all but if it would mess up my iboga afterglow I think I never could forgive it)

Hope all is well with everyone, and safe hyperspace adventures :d
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