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Entheogen visuals in indie dance / 'nu rave' music videos

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The indie dance scene that exploded a couple of years ago, and the related 'nu rave' scene, is obviously influenced visually pretty heavily by entheogen culture. I didn't get the impression that much entheogens were being partaken on the scene (at least, not at the parties, just MDMA there if anything), but certainly some of the creatives know what's what.

Check out at 2mins17seconds in this rather camp video... the guy makes LSD angel wings for himself. Perfectly done!!! Whoever made that effect knew exactly what it should look like. I wish the whole video had been like that. Also a nice effect earlier when one slaps the other on the chest like a televangelist and makes him shimmer in a trippy way.
(Empire of the Sun)

And MGMT have made lots of trippy videos, here's one of them...
Also Dandi Wind used to dress up like some kind of apocalypse shaman.
Kap Bambino often wears clothes covered in entheogenic symbols (triangles, eyes, native motifs etc)
Other indie dance bands used a lot of similar 60s entheogen imagery. While nu-rave was more electro inspired, there was crossover.

The quieter side of things were using Pagan imagery (hares, forests, stags etc etc) such as Bats for Lashes
and Late of the Pier
But the entheogen connection isn't so solid... you don't watch this stuff and think "Yep, the guy who made that video has taken acid". The noisier indie stuff is also Pagan inspired, calling themselves things like Deerhoof.

Whether hippydom has truly been adopted by new subcultures, or whether the visual library has just been trawled for inspiration, the jury's out. There seems to be a lot of pretension on those scenes so for most of them I think it's just about fashion... but I expect not for all. And it's not like some hippys weren't pretensious back in the 60s either (so I'm told).
McKenna would say it was the fractal timewave at work. ellohell

I have dial up so, um, what MGMT video is that? I've only seen Time to Pretend and I remember seeing one of the guys putting acid on another's tongue.
Yep, I didn't notice that actually, I didn't get past the communion wafer association. Knew you'd have stuff to contribute Amor :) Keep 'em coming! Here's smore. It's hard to find any with a budget to play with...

My Brother Wolf Spirit- Jimmy Joe Roche
I Feel Electric- Rubies Featured Content on Myspace
Dan Deacon- Crystal Cat

Here's Dandi Wind... who SWIM wants to marry! She would probably feed him entheogens for breakfast:
A Lifetime http://vimeo.com/1474758
Powerball http://vimeo.com/1475433
allmusic.com: "Dandelion Wind Opaine -- she swears it's her real name and claims that she was raised by hippies in a cabin in the forests of central British Colombia with neither electricity nor running water"
Should point out that I don't watch telly, so if MTV is already chockablock with all this stuff and it's already gone completely mainstream, please let me know!
ohayoco said:
Should point out that I don't watch telly, so if MTV is already chockablock with all this stuff and it's already gone completely mainstream, please let me know!
lmao, well MGMT hit that point quite some time ago.. Now everybody wants time to pretend :D

Calibre (Drum&bass/jungle vibe)-
Modeselektor -

...and dandi wind trips me right the fuck out. I guess you'd have to be raised a hippie with nothing but the nature of B.C. running through your blood to come up with something like that.
Yeah, I know MGMT exploded about a year ago, and kids had already gone all nu-rave on us (via H&M & Topshop!) after the Klaxons etc. As soon as NME relabelled everything 'new rave' even though much of it was just a continuation of the electroclash scene.
But nu-rave fashion hadn't touched the more entheogenic side of things that much, I think MGMT were one of the first to start using that sort of imagery.
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