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Entity Wrestling

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Rising Star
(mind)Set: very calm and at peace, having prepared with meditation
(physical condition) Set: just finished a night shift at work, slightly tired.
Setting (location): my artist studio
time of day: (12 or 24 hour system, daylight? starlight? overcast?) around 7:30am
recent drug use: (list also any kind of medication) had smoked a small pipe of hashish before
last meal: (Time and type) around 5am, dominos pizza

Gender: male
body weight: 90kg
known sensitivities: not known
history of use: novice, having broke through twice before and maybe 5 non break through times.


Substance(s): small pipe hashish, and changa
Dose(s): 0.20gram hashish and then 0.030gram changa
Method of administration: smoked in glass spoon pipe

Administration time: T=0:00 (expand this if you used delayed administration for multiple substances or the same substance with multiple doses. Use indices.)
Duration: 15-20minutes
First effects: went into a mediative state and my breathing went very deep and controlled.
Peak: 30 seconds in.
Come down: 10+minutes
Baseline: 25+minutes

Intensity (overall): (use HRS-like scale i.e. 0-4: 0 = "Not at all;" 1 = "Slightly;" 2 = "Moderately;" 3 = "Quite a bit;" 4 = "Extremely.") 4 was extremely intense.
Evaluation / notes:

Pleasantness: (0-4) 3
Implesantness: (0-4) 2
Visual Intensity: (0-4) 4


Hangover: (0-4 ; what type of impleasantness ; duration) 0
Afterglow: (0-4 ; what type of positive effects ; duration) 2, felt energised and positive and in awe


(write your trip report as you would normally write it here)

I fought an entity
this entity was all powerful, it was god , it was everything, it could never be harmed let alone die.. and yet a paradox as it seems, we engaged in a fight to the death. my body was contorted into a series of yoga like poses, my fingers and hands forming ritual like contortions. my breath was repeatably given to the god beast, my entire life force, everything that held me together was given in one breath, and at the point where I was about to die,; my energy was refilled completely, all of this was happening at lightning speed, I was giving my complete and utter lifeforce and falling down to less than 0.0.01% of my full energy, then it was instantly refilled and then given again and again. It was a colossal battle and after each fresh defeat and rebirth I was thankful and again cheeky and playful , I fought repeatably of my own will and desire with this entity, we became big powerful lions and animals, crashing against each other pitting our strength, complete and utter brawling without any pain, just energy exchange, me feeling like a hundred rhinos being struck by lightining, and him the all encompassing herd and chieftan and big boy brawler god. We fought repeatably and after every battle he showed me my face on his body, and told me I am him and he is me, we are the same, I do not know if this entity is a magician or a truth speaker, all I know is I had the most exhilaring fight/experience of my life, I was thrown around a cosmic ring and repeatably boxed to death and reborn stronger than ever, I feel as if my whole body has undergone a complete renovation and my entire mechanism and spiritual gears and modes have changed and I am beginning over fresh in my body , with a little bit of the cosmic fight left imprinted on my soul, allowing me to walk this earth knowing that entitys exist, they are powerful, they are kind, and they can fight like nothing else.
since this happening and me googling about entity's i was lead to this forum, and I have after a lot of reading realized that I should not approach journeying without the right attitude and preparation.
You got a lesson.

Remember the postures and fellings they are important as well as the breath work you were shown.
Read up on hand mudra do any of them look familiar?

These experiences are very important.
It is hard to remember clearly, but I feel like my hands were almost clasped together and the thumbs and index finger where involved in the first movement, and they sort of moved and changed from there, and the breathing it seemed to make my breath infinite , I felt like i was emptying chamber after chamber of my lungs and it never ended and it seemed cyclical. I feel like maybe a part of me knows it and the journey is slowly remembering what was taught. I am greatful and in awe of the power of this experience and will be waiting awhile before venturing back.
Spiritofspice said:
You got a lesson.

Remember the postures and fellings they are important as well as the breath work you were shown.
Read up on hand mudra do any of them look familiar?

These experiences are very important.

thank you for this reply!!

i think it was

"Gesture of Nectar Sprinkling"
(kshepana) Also called "Sprinkling of Ambrosia" mudra. The two hands join, palm to palm, and the index fingers extend together and usually point downwards toward a vase or container. The other fingers and the thumbs are interwined.

after googling it says that

The Kshepana Mudra stimulates elimination through the large intestine, skin (perspiration), and lungs (improves exhalation), as well as removing expended energies. It should not be held for too long because fresh energy is also caused to flow out after several breaths. In addition, it promotes
the release of all types of tension.

And thats what I started with, having never done these poses before.

and the next one was

I am blessed to feel this as it sort of affirms my belief in what transpired, I admit I was skeptical because it was so awesome, in the traditional sense of the word.
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